Saturday, November 2

The greatest collection of Power Girl cosplay photos from the Comic Cons

power girl breasts cosplay costume

Cosplayers love doing Power Girl!

Power Girl.

Kara Zor-L.

Karen Starr.

By whatever name you know the first cousin of Kal-L as, there's little doubt you will always know her by her white costume and blue leather logging gloves. Not White Ox Gloves though.

There I said it.

Now that I've got the leather stuff out of the way, here's the best cosplay action we could find of Power Girl.

For some reason she's a very popular cos play choice for the convention rounds, Wondercon and Comic Cons being no exception... of course Princess Leia is still the ultimate cos play choice.... well I'm not so sure after seeing the pictures below.

First if all, check out this actual comic pose of Power Girl - so you can see what all the girls below have modeled themselves on! Though Power Girl was first introduced in 1976, this was the original comic release by Geoff Johns that set the world alive to the character.

Comic Cover of Power Girl by Geoff Johns

We have to start this off with a super combo of Power Girl and Wonder Woman because we need to start with a bang right?

Cute Wonder Woman and Power Girl cosplay costumes

Tuesday, August 20

Gears 5 new trailer featuring Kait

gears of war 5

Holy Heck, this new Gears 5 trailer looks absolutely amazing.

Graphics are sharp and it looks like there's going to a strong continuation of the set up from the ending of Gears of War 4 with the twist that Kait maybe be strongly connected to the Locust...

Check out the trailer:

Saturday, July 27

Amazing Morrigan Aensland costume play

big breasted morrigan costume

Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalker cosplay girls

Morrigan Aensland is a video game character from the Darkstalkers series.

Morrigan is a sexy succubus who is very narcissistic and lives for little more than the excitement of battle. She appears as a beautiful young woman with pale-green hair, large breasts, a tight leather leotard, purple sheer pantyhose, and bat-like wings on her back and on the sides of her head.

As such Morrigan is a perfect candidate for some cosplay action!

Here's what every cosplayer is modeling their character on:

And here's the wondrous efforts of these cosplay queens

sexy morrigan costume

sexy morrigan cosplay

morrigan sexy girls
BFF Morrigans
beautiful morrigan roleplay
Take my hand, if you dare

morrigon costume


Want some more cosplay? Check out the sexy Bayonetta

The Top Ten Most Bad Ass Cosplay Villains

darth vader grabbing tits
He's the boss....

The Top Ten Most Bad Ass Cosplay Villains

Every hero needs a counterpoint bad guy or gal. 

Spider Man to Venom.

Superman to Lex Luthor

Batman to Joker. 

Tank Girl to Kesslee.

David Dunn to Mr Glass and that Beast dude.

The problem is, every man and his dog wants to play the hero. It takes a bit of guts (and perhaps a sense of one for the team) to play as the bad guy. 

In the cosplay universe, it's a bit different where all kinds of villains and bad guys are up for cosplay action. 

Here's what I think are the most bad add cosplay villains I've seen. 

Beware the beautiful charms of Poison Ivy!

poison iy cosyplay by Megan maire

A classic Batman villain, Ivy is bad ass in that she uses her seduction tricks to get what she wants, and in doing so, humbles powerful men such as Bruce Wayne. Look for her in the Harley Quinn spin off, Gotham City Sirens.

Here's a certain Street Fighter cosplayer which is bad ass.

Zangief cosplay streetfighter
Any one that does Zangief cosplay must be bad ass
Destro from GI Joe cosplay costume
Destro from GI Joe
Sometimes Evil Sith Lords just wanna party all night long

Megatron and Galvatron? Need we say more? These are two of the most evil bad as robots that ever fired a gun in the Transformers universe.


In the X - Men trilogy, Mystique was portrayed as quite the bad ass - she'd do anything to further the mutant cause. Despite there being a lot of hate for Xmen: The Last Stand, I really enjoyed Mystique's performance, especially her willingness to get the job done at all costs.

cobra-commander cosplay costume
The Hooded Cobra Commander
skeletor masters of the universe cosplay
By the power of purple....

 Any others you think should be added to the list?

Donna Troy Cosplay

donna troy cosplay

Here's some sweet Dona Troy cosplay action. Donna Troy, Wonder Girl and Teen Titans is gonna hog tie you!

Didact cosplay from Halo 4

The Didact from Halo 4 by way of a cosplayer. So presumably the first Didact, not the second one... if you played the game but that makes no sense, try the Cryptum novels for an explanation....

didact cosplay

Remembering Commander Keen

commander keen good bye galaxy

Commander Keen 

Gears of Halo has been talking about Mass Effect lately but before there was the Normandy, before Eden Prime and the Geth, before Miranda Lawson and before the Reapers, and before there was Commander Sheppard there was the ultimate Commander, Commander Keen.

Billy Blaze would jump around on a pogo stick avoiding green aliens and shooting robots with his laser gun and it was the coolest thing around at the time for my thirteen / 15 year old year old self.

Except maybe Lemmings....

Commander Keen taught me about looking for hints and tricks in games.

A secret message there, a subtle joke there. It was very original in many facets of its workings.

tom hall commander keen
Classic Tom Hall pose
A bit of of the history of the game's birth tells me that three men made it possible. Tom Hall, John Romero and John Carmack banded together in their 'off time' at a company called Softdisk but they eventually left to form the company ID.

I recall the first episode was shareware which was a pretty cool idea back in the day. Indeed the 3DRealms site says "The entire first episode of Keen was released to the world as shareware. The idea was that you got a good sense of what it looks like and feels like, and if you liked it, you paid for it - and obtained the remaining parts of the game"

The game was released in December 1990.

"Gamers who wanted the next two levels had to pay for them - and pay they did. In January, the ID guys got their first royalty check, for approximately $10,000." They didn't look back after that.

commander keen billy blaze cosplay
Billy Blaze cosplay
John and Tom went on to become involved in Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.

Those three games became genuine gaming phenomenons in their own right.  I think a lot of modern games such as Halo and the like have a wee duty of debt to such games.

I see that Commander Keen is available for download on the Steam service - I'd buy the game if there was an ipad version!

Can someone make that happen?

ME3: The best Miranda cosplay ever!


Miranda cosplay costume from Mass Effect.

Is this the best version of Miranda ever?

Miranda has proven truly popular within the Mass Effect fandom. Mass Effect cosplay is a huge deal to many gamers. Maybe it's her smile. Maybe it's her ass. Maybe is Maybelline....

Friday, July 26

ME3 Jack's arm tattoo as a back tattoo


ME3 Jack's arm tattoo as a back tattoo

There’s extreme love for a video game character.

I'm looking at you Master Chief.

Then there’s EXTREME love for Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect. This fan has taken the ultimate step and had Jack’s arm tattoo tattooed on to the flesh of her own back.

It’s pretty epic.

As a related aside, this link shows that the tattoos on the character of Jack’s other arm concept art for the character of Jack herself.

That’s pretty sneaky Bioware!


This easter egg is backed up by Matt Rhode's concept artwork he did:

concept art for Jack mass effect

Jack has prooved one of the enduring characters from Mass Effect - Miranda still looms large as a cosplay fan favourite, and lets never forget the infamous body painted Mass Effect promo girls!

Tuesday, June 25

Why the Halo movie failed by Jamie Russel

Here's a pretty succinct article by Jamie Russel on why the Halo movie fell over. It's acutally from his book: How video games invaded Hollywood

The short answer is money but it's a good read. Here's a snippet from the article:

What was apparent during the Halo deal-making was that Microsoft was far from home, perhaps even surrounded in enemy territory.

In the middle of the Halo negotiations, as all parties sat around the table, Shapiro recalls the discussion between Microsoft’s Hollywood liaison Peter Schlessel and Jimmy Horowitz, Universal’s co-president of production, taking an aggressive turn. “Schlessel was getting really tough on some of the terms with Horowitz: ‘Come on, don’t be a jerk, blah, blah, blah…’. It was getting really heated. The guy from Microsoft [Steve Schrek] was like, ‘Wow, this is really good.’

Then we took a break and Schlessel goes to Horowitz, ‘Are you coming over for Passover?’ Because they know each other. You don’t have those kinds of relationships in videogames. In Hollywood you can be getting at each other but then you’re playing golf together the next day.”

Even after the deal was struck, the misunderstanding over how the movie business operated continued to be a problem. Microsoft wanted a big-name director, but Peter Jackson, helmer on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, decided to sign on as a co-producer alongside Peter Schlessel, Mary Parent and Scott Stuber.

Jackson wanted his new protégé, an up-and-coming commercials whiz kid called Neill Blomkamp, to direct. With Jackson’s fee running to several million dollars the studios knew there was an advantage in hiring a cheaper, less well-known talent to sit in the director’s chair. Microsoft was reputedly not happy with the decision.

The joke is on them as Blomkamp and Peter Jackson went on to make District 9.

To err is human; to curb stomp an Elite, divine


Neogaf member highlaw drew this wicked fan art inspired by Halo 4 - featuring the Mantis wreaking havoc on an elite who is surely out for the count.

Sunday, June 9

Halo Infinite is a 'spiritual reboot' of Halo

halo infinite

The finally announced Halo 6 which is actually Halo Infinite has a trailer and has been described formally by the studio head as a "spiritual reboot"

"The Master Chief is our hero and Halo Infinite will continue his decades long saga. While we plan to introduce important new characters -- like the resilient Pilot you already met in the video -- this story is the Master Chief’s. 

The universe will continue the continuity of Halo 5 and in that sense contain the adventures that led up to this moment, but in the pursuit of our “spiritual reboot” and the launch of a new console, we also want to make sure that this is a perfect starting point for new players too. This story will mark the beginning of a new chapter and challenge for the Chief, but it will also respect and continue threads that led to this point. If you’ve never played a Halo game before, this will be a great place to jump into the story.

You’re arriving in the middle a universe at war, with a sense of history underlying your entry into the world. But it will also feel fresh, full of potential, and new adventure. We will weave in context and guideposts to understand your place in a new universe. 

But if you’ve invested in Halo for all these years, you’ll feel immediately at home – and some of our story moments will spark a different resonance for your investment."

- Chris Lee

Studio Head of Halo Infinite

That sounds like a fine balance is being sought between retaining the Halo that made Halo but also to ensure that Infinite is a game that is relevant in this modern age where games can live or die by their sales in their first week based on what the 'fans' dictate on social media.

Watch the lengthy trailer which shows this is indeed a new spin on the beloved franchise:

halo infinite master cheif

Halo Infinite will be the game that launches the new version of the Xbox which is currently code named "Scarlett".

Monday, May 27

Wondercon Cosplay Heroes and Villains

super heroines babes supergirl
Super babes

Wondercon Cosplay Heroes and Villains

Backbreaker Bane
Cable from Xmen!
captain america cosplay
Captain America

Darth Vader cosplay

Female Magneto

Justice League?

Cobra Commander cosplay

Chewbecca and friends celebrate St patricks day
It's all about the Wookie!

judge dredd cosplay
Mario and the Princess and Luigi

penguin cosplay

planet of the apes cosplay

Harley Quin and Poison Ivy

power girl
Power Girl

Images wonderfully taken by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub