Wednesday, November 18

Who is Mackenzie Mason, is she really Cortana in Halo 4?

Mackenzie Mason halo 4 actor
 Mackenzie Mason 

Who is Mackenzie Mason, is she really Cortana in Halo 4?

Well a fair while ago we had thought Paisha Coffey was going to be the model for Cortana in Halo 4 but the release of the ;'A Hero Awakens' video clearly shows that Mackenzie Mason has done the cinematics modelling / body acting / performance capture for the character of Cortana.

This role means Mackenzie got to run around and interact with the other actors, and most obviously play the Master Chief's counterpart. Her movements are the movements of Cortana in game.

Mason doing the performance capture for Cortana.
The voice of Cortana will continue to be voiced by Jen Taylor who has done the voice over for every Halo game, including Infinity and the new Live Action Halo TV show....

Bungie might be gaming's good guys but they sure were dicks to Marty O'Donnell.

You may recall that Bungie fired one of their founding fathers, Martin O'Donnell a few months back. It's never been said publicly why this was the case but as I understand it, America sort of runs on some fire-at-will law in most states so he was sacked pretty easily from his job as music composer.

Marty may have been the author of his own misfortune, I simply don't know. Marty said publicly that it was 'without cause'.

But what we do is the manner in which the firing happened shows the the big wigs that run Bungie are have employed some dick moves on Marty. They canceled his shares in the company! That's bullshit, antagonistic and probably retaliatory behaviour - and to my mind is pretty much stealing as shares are property.

Having already been awarded 95K in a separate action from Bungie, a ruling has now said that Marty must have his shares in the company back.

Venture beat reported the result of a recent arbitration process between Bungie and O'Donnell"

"The arbitrator found that O’Donnell demonstrated substantial likelihood of proving that he was one of seven founders of Bungie (which originally had the name Arete Seven LLC) and that the company gave him 1.27 million shares of class B shares in October 2007. Those shares were converted into 336,375 shares of Bungie’s Series B-1 Preferred Stock in 2010, when Activision started making a lot of noise about Destiny. He was also issued 48,000 shares of Bungie’s common stock. And in December 2010, O’Donnell signed a contract extending his employment through 2020."

The agreement held that O’Donnell would give up his unvested founders’ shares if he left voluntarily. Given he was fired, it would appear Bungie were in breach of their contract.

We do have to appreciate that while video games are cool, Bungie is there to make a profit. There could be solid commercial reasons why Bungie fired the most famous composer in gaming history. Maybe he was going tone deaf? That would make some sense at least right?

One wonders now what the REAL DEAL was with Joe Staten leaving....

Wednesday, August 19

Judge Dredd Cosplay

Dredd having a beer after a tough day being the law
When I discovered comics it wasn’t just the Justice League and Batman that took my fancy, I found a true affinity with Judge Dredd comics. My dad had a wonderful ability to get AD Comics from a retailer friend with the cover ripped off which meant I got them for free.

 I loved Dredd because the tales often had a cool sci-fi thing going on and the stories often had a twist or unexpected ending.

Some of the stories from the Apocalypse War were amazingly intense battles lead by a heroic Dredd - it’s now as an older and wiser geek I realise they were direct references to the East West relations that were worrying the world in the 80s.

Anyways above is just to give an insight on why there is an enduring Dredd legacy – and cosplayers everywhere love dressing as their favourite Judge and swearing all DROKK like!

Moody Dredd

Young Dredd cosplayer
Family Dredd

I am the law judge dredd

Now go and brew some pH balanced beer!

Monday, August 3

One ring to bind them - an awesome wedding ring that only a Halo fan would want...

There's Halo fans and then there's Halo fans.

I'll leave you to ponder what kind of person the owner of this wedding ring is...

halo wedding ring

The bearer of the ring is of course probably going to be one of the coolest people around!

Thursday, July 23

Halo Infinite Game Play Trailer Revealed by 343

halo infinite game play trailer

343 has dropped the first look at in game play for Halo: Infinite:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It looks pretty handy!!

It's very much an echo of the original Combat Evolved first mission - crash land a Pelican and set out to explore a Halo. 

Well this is what Halo is all about eh? 

Wednesday, July 22

Halo: Infinite - Box Art Cover

halo infinite box art

Check out the newly revealed cover art for Halo Infinite. 

Does it remind you of anything you've ever seen before ... ?

If you look closely into the visor of the Chief you can see a reflection of what appears to one of The Banished. The Banished are expected to feature heavily in-game as the antagonists. Keen Halo Wars fans will recall the Banished featured in Halo Wars 2. The Banished is largely made of Brutes - not seen in a Halo game since Halo 3. It's possible that the Brute in the reflection is Atriox, from HW2 or perhaps Hyperius.

And here's the art as wallpaper:

wallpaper halo infinite

Friday, April 3

Cosplay picture of Power Girl punching Aqua Man

Here's a great cosplay version of Power Girl really taking it to a disinterested Aquaman. He's probably wondering if he can use baking yeast to brew beer. Or dolphins or something.

Saturday, December 7

The Ultimate Star Wars Cos Play Collection

Zombie storm trooper star wars

Photos of the best ever Star Wars costumes and cosplay

This Stormtrooper either has a really bad nose bleed or is a Star Wars zombie and really really wants to eat your brains!

sith kissing jedi

Get your Sith Lord loving in the forest of Endor - I'm sure there's some Star Wars fan fiction gathering dust somewhere how a handsome Jedi fell in love with a Sith Lord... either way this picture is of a real couple who share a love of Star Wars role play!

adrianne curry princess leia cosplay
The Case of the Golden Bikinis

vader grabbing breasts
That's an HR issue about to explode....
Here's a naughty Darth Vader feeling up the breasts of his sexy Star Wars trooper. It's almost star wars cos play gone wrong but I bet the fan boys will love this! 

Oh wait? You wanted some more Princess Leias in their bikinis? Here they are!

I think that's actually Top Model Adrianne Curry dressing as Leia there!

Here's some ladies from the star wars burlesque show
sexy storm trooper

This star wars trooper never appeared in any Star Wars film I ever saw. Is she and her corset in an extended Blu Ray version?

c3po swimsuit girl
C3P0 Swimsuit
Stars Wars was big on merchandising - George Lucas famously managed to keep the merchandising rights for himself and was laughing all the way to the bank - I wonder how much coin George raised for this rather stunning C3PO bathing suit. Does it count as cosplay? Probably not but if you have any complaints, see management. 

You got love this team - it looks like some kind of crazy Wizard of Oz adventure gone horribly wrong - that's C3PO on the right, Mr R2D2 on the middle and perhaps an anorexic Wookie on the right!

Here's some fly boys - X wing pilots, Y Wing adventurers and A Wing Dashers. Perhaps best known as cannon fodder for Darth Vader and his Tie Fighter pilots!

R2D2 and friends

Frak it's Katie Sackoff! What kind of Star Wars fantasy is this?
Boba Phat. He likes the ladies.

Saturday, November 2

The greatest collection of Power Girl cosplay photos from the Comic Cons

power girl breasts cosplay costume

Cosplayers love doing Power Girl!

Power Girl.

Kara Zor-L.

Karen Starr.

By whatever name you know the first cousin of Kal-L as, there's little doubt you will always know her by her white costume and blue leather logging gloves. Not White Ox Gloves though.

There I said it.

Now that I've got the leather stuff out of the way, here's the best cosplay action we could find of Power Girl.

For some reason she's a very popular cos play choice for the convention rounds, Wondercon and Comic Cons being no exception... of course Princess Leia is still the ultimate cos play choice.... well I'm not so sure after seeing the pictures below.

First if all, check out this actual comic pose of Power Girl - so you can see what all the girls below have modeled themselves on! Though Power Girl was first introduced in 1976, this was the original comic release by Geoff Johns that set the world alive to the character.

Comic Cover of Power Girl by Geoff Johns

We have to start this off with a super combo of Power Girl and Wonder Woman because we need to start with a bang right?

Cute Wonder Woman and Power Girl cosplay costumes

Tuesday, August 20

Gears 5 new trailer featuring Kait

gears of war 5

Holy Heck, this new Gears 5 trailer looks absolutely amazing.

Graphics are sharp and it looks like there's going to a strong continuation of the set up from the ending of Gears of War 4 with the twist that Kait maybe be strongly connected to the Locust...

Check out the trailer:

Saturday, July 27

Amazing Morrigan Aensland costume play

big breasted morrigan costume

Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalker cosplay girls

Morrigan Aensland is a video game character from the Darkstalkers series.

Morrigan is a sexy succubus who is very narcissistic and lives for little more than the excitement of battle. She appears as a beautiful young woman with pale-green hair, large breasts, a tight leather leotard, purple sheer pantyhose, and bat-like wings on her back and on the sides of her head.

As such Morrigan is a perfect candidate for some cosplay action!

Here's what every cosplayer is modeling their character on:

And here's the wondrous efforts of these cosplay queens

sexy morrigan costume

sexy morrigan cosplay

morrigan sexy girls
BFF Morrigans
beautiful morrigan roleplay
Take my hand, if you dare

morrigon costume


Want some more cosplay? Check out the sexy Bayonetta

The Top Ten Most Bad Ass Cosplay Villains

darth vader grabbing tits
He's the boss....

The Top Ten Most Bad Ass Cosplay Villains

Every hero needs a counterpoint bad guy or gal. 

Spider Man to Venom.

Superman to Lex Luthor

Batman to Joker. 

Tank Girl to Kesslee.

David Dunn to Mr Glass and that Beast dude.

The problem is, every man and his dog wants to play the hero. It takes a bit of guts (and perhaps a sense of one for the team) to play as the bad guy. 

In the cosplay universe, it's a bit different where all kinds of villains and bad guys are up for cosplay action. 

Here's what I think are the most bad add cosplay villains I've seen. 

Beware the beautiful charms of Poison Ivy!

poison iy cosyplay by Megan maire

A classic Batman villain, Ivy is bad ass in that she uses her seduction tricks to get what she wants, and in doing so, humbles powerful men such as Bruce Wayne. Look for her in the Harley Quinn spin off, Gotham City Sirens.

Here's a certain Street Fighter cosplayer which is bad ass.

Zangief cosplay streetfighter
Any one that does Zangief cosplay must be bad ass
Destro from GI Joe cosplay costume
Destro from GI Joe
Sometimes Evil Sith Lords just wanna party all night long

Megatron and Galvatron? Need we say more? These are two of the most evil bad as robots that ever fired a gun in the Transformers universe.


In the X - Men trilogy, Mystique was portrayed as quite the bad ass - she'd do anything to further the mutant cause. Despite there being a lot of hate for Xmen: The Last Stand, I really enjoyed Mystique's performance, especially her willingness to get the job done at all costs.

cobra-commander cosplay costume
The Hooded Cobra Commander
skeletor masters of the universe cosplay
By the power of purple....

 Any others you think should be added to the list?