Halo's Cortana Costume Play Photos

Do you think they're real?
Cortana is the purple goddess of the Halo Universe. She's the reason the Master Chief was able to save the entire Universe from the threat of the flood and that evil nasty cult known as the Covenant. She's second in popularity to Master Chief, so in effect, she is as Bumblebee to Optimus Prime.

A popular figure on the internet, people are always searching Gears of Halo for sexy nude pictures of Cortana - but today that's not the case - we're bringing you pictures of cosplayers dressing up as Cortana. Heck, we'll even through in a couple of pictures of the Master Chief:

Chief and Cortana Cosplay
Cortana and friends
Cortana and the Chief once more
Black Bikini Cortana

Combat Evolved Cortana Cosplayer

I'm sensing a theme here....
I think this below cosplayer is doing her best impersonation of what an Evil Cortana might look like. At the least a rampant one...

Little Blue Peep Cortana

Sexy Cortana
Punk Cortana

Sorry, too busy to talk to the Paparazzi Cortana

Real and Spectacular Cortana

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Lisa said...

You featured my cortana bodypaint and said it was real and spectacular!!! Yay! and there is more geeky bodypaint in the works.

p.s. found this linked through google images :)