Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix Cos Play Photos

The archetype Jean Grey?
Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix Cos Play Photos

Jean Grey is the well known character from the X-men. She has been known under the aliases Marvel Girland later, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix, and is best known as one of five original members of the X-Men, for her relationship with Cyclops, and for her central role and transformation in the classic X-Men storyline, "The Dark Phoenix Saga". 

Given the character's longevity her beauty and hot body, Jean Grey is a popular cos play choice. 

Firmly in control Phoenix
The great Grey Green Greasy Limpopo River cosplay?

Red Phoenix

Knows she damn hot Jean Grey

I believe I can fly Dark Phoenix

Mind Games with Jean Grey
Classic X-men Jean Grey
This old thing? 

I'm to sexy for this wall Jean Grey

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