Sunday, April 22

Ms Marvel cosplay AKA Captain Marvel

Ms marvel cosplay costume

Ms Marvel cosplay

Soon to be featured in a movie starring Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, we can imagine this Marvellous comic book character will be even more popular than she is now. 

We imagine the effect will be the same as what happened with Harley Quinn when Suicide Squad was released - Quinn was the choice of 'bad girl' when Halloween came around. Will Ms Marvel have the same effect on sales of Halloween costumes? Aye Aye Captain!

Possibly the most perfect Cortana cosplay ever!

 I am your shield; I am your sword

This photo is possibly the most perfect Cortana cosplay ever

The blues are awesome, the face is pretty and the costume is subtle enough to not be so obvious that it's a roughly made onesie.... what do you think - is this player's version of Cortana better than these keen lasses?

For those not in the know, Cortana is a popular character from the Halo franchise. She's expected to play a big role in Halo 4, indeed it's known she's going to go rampant.

Found with another image of the curvey Cortana here.

Darth Maul - I've killed your master and now it is your turn to die, young Jedi! Or rather some cosplay...


Darth Maul. Perhaps he was the only true iconic Star Wars character to come from the mess that was The Phantom Menace movie.

He died a classic death at the hands of Obi Wan Kenobi and thus became a Star Wars legend... which is presumably why Darth is such a popular cosplay character choice!

Here's a few pictures of Darth Maul that I found around the place. You'll see that some of the make up jobs to get the character looking just right are pretty impressive!


Wednesday, April 18

What is the "Parkside" game?

Elizabeth Cosplay from Bioshock

The internet rumour mill has gone into HYPERDRIVE at the discovery that there might be a new Bioshock game in the wind.

Its code name is whispered in hushed tones as being "Parkside".

Kotaku is reporting that workers on Mafia 3 where quietly shuttled over to a 'secret studio' that was working on a Bioshock game.
Given the success of the franchise where arguably the second sequel Bioshock: Infinite proved to be a 'once in a generation success' of storytelling within a game it would be a surprise to exactly no one that 2K wanted to get some cash from a new game. 

We understand that Bioshock's legendary creator, Ken Levine is working on other projects so presumably is not directly involved in the production.

Thursday, November 16

Sexiest Mario Brother Cos Play ever?

mario brothers cosplay meagan marie

Has Meagan Marie pulled of the most sexiest Mario Brothers cos play costume ever? 

You decide if you want her to ahh... fix your pipes?

mario brothers cosplay meagan marie

You might remember Meagan from her Anya cosplay from Gears of War outfit.

ME3 Jack's arm tattoo as a back tattoo


ME3 Jack's arm tattoo as a back tattoo

There’s extreme love for a video game character. I'm looking at you Master Chief. Then there’s EXTREME love for Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect. This fan has taken the ultimate step and had Jack’s arm tattoo tattooed on to the flesh of her own back. It’s a pretty epic.

Tuesday, October 17

Destiny Fan Art by TDSpiral

destiny fan art

Found at DBO, this is some awesome fan art of Destiny by TDSpiral. I think it's a Guardian taking on one of the Fallen.

Sunday, October 1

Are we ever going to see a live-action Halo movie?

Are we ever going to see a live-action Halo film?

That was the question put to Frank O’Conner by IGN.

In short, Halo fans are going to have to keep watching District 9 reruns for a long time.

Frankie: "It's important to say that the partners that we were connected with before were great – they were awesome to work with; I talk to those guys almost daily – and you can go read the details about studios grappling with each other," said O'Connor. "I do work every week connected to when a movie, or if a movie, is eventually made, are we ready to go? And the answer is very much so, yes. But we can afford to bide our time and wait for the exact perfect time and the exact perfect partner."

Exact perfect partner? They had him! His name was Peter ‘Look at all my Oscars and we made those films in New Zealand!’ Jackson.

"One of the most depressing things as a fanboy is the example of Dune. Peter Berg was going to remake that film. I love the original, so I'll just keep consuming it, but I thought, 'Okay, maybe Berg could do this.' So either he pulls out or they don't accept his script or they don't like the direction.

Whatever. I don't know.

I'm not a Hollywood gossip. And then it goes away. All big films do this. Look at Avatar. It's heading for the biggest grossing film of all time and it was mired in production hell. Ours was heavens compared to what they've gone through. You have a guy like James Cameron who just sits there, tenaciously saying, 'I'm going to make this and I'm going to make it right,' or he moves on to the next one.





But if they made Halo like that, fanboys would have a big bonfire outside Bill Gates house, setting red bricked 360’s alight with copies of Combat Evolved.

At least Frankie recognised this:

"And we're Microsoft," said O'Connor. "We're muscular. We can afford, much like James Cameron, to sit here and wait for the best opportunity…And by the way, can you print, right after I said that, I do not think that Halo is going to be the next Avatar? Cuz I will be dragged through the streets, bleeding, unless I caveat that!"

Check out this post I wrote a while back about why the Halo movie didn’t get made.

Wednesday, July 12

Amazing cosplay costumes from Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware managed to find some awesome cosplayers portraying Peebee, Drack, Ryder and Jaal.

This team has done and amazing job! The Pee Bee at the end arguably looks better than the on screen version!

Bioware did a wee interview with Ryder's Squad:

Tell us about your cosplay group

We all came together over our shared love for the Mass Effect series. When we heard a new game was in the works, we knew we had to make something. Adam (our Pathfinder), reached out to everyone with his crazy idea to make a Mass Effect: Andromeda group before we had any reference pictures. 

We have all been cosplaying separately for several years, but this was our first cosplay as a group.

How did you work together for this build?
We all came to the group with different strengths and weaknesses, which benefited us greatly. Having people who excel in armor making, crafting props, creating prosthetics, and sewing, all in one group, really helped ensure all of our costumes were something we were really proud of! 

It truly was our shared passion and team effort that allowed us to complete this group in 90 days.

Have you received any attention?
We were honored to take home Best in Show at the 2017 Calgary Expo. The support and love we have received from our local community of cosplayers and fellow Mass Effect fans has been astounding.

drack cosplay costume masseffect

jaal cosplay costume

mass effect andromeda costume ideas

peebee cosplay mass effect andromeda

Thursday, July 6

Halo: Retribution novel coming August 29

On Aug 29th another new chapter in the Halo universe will be unfurled – well, several of them, technically – as Halo: Retribution by Troy Denning makes its way to store shelves and lore-loving hands. 

Here's synopsis:

'December 2553. Less than a year after the end of the Covenant War, a string of violent incidents continues to threaten the tenuous peace in human-held space, culminating in the assassination of UNSC fleet admiral Graselyn Tuwa and the abduction of her family. It is a provocation so outrageous that the Office of Naval Intelligence must retaliate swiftly and ferociously—but only after its operatives identify her killer and rescue the hostages.

This mission will be the first for homicide-detective-turned-ONI-operative Veta Lopis and her young team of Spartan-IIIs, and something feels wrong from the start. The obvious suspect is an infamous Brute who leads the Keepers of the One Freedom, an ex-Covenant splinter group in fierce opposition to the UNSC. 

But Lopis and her team soon realize that the truth is much more insidious than they could ever have imagined, and with Fred-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058 of Blue Team for combat support, they must stop a plan hatched in the bowels of the secret research station Argent Moon—a plan so sinister it could destroy all those still reeling from thirty years of intergalactic conflict…'

Halo: Retribution is slated for release on August 29, and you can preorder your copy right here!

Check out our June 22nd Community Update for more info on the upcoming novel. 

Halo games are going to be backwards compatible !

343 annouced a BACK-COMPAT BLOWOUT!

The big wigs at 343 have seen the light and are making it easier for us to play our beloved Halo games on the new spec X Boxes.

Here's the official word:

Today we’re thrilled to announce four more very special additions coming later this year to the Xbox One back-compat program: Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo: CE Anniversary!

Each of these games will include campaign and multiplayer, and will even support LAN play on Xbox One – including LAN play between Xbox One and Xbox 360! Once released, you’ll be able to pop in your original disc or purchase a digital copy of the game via the Xbox Store and jump right in.

Best of all, once these titles are added to the program, every Xbox 360 Halo add-on map pack in the Xbox Store will be made available for free, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve maximum enjoyment in online matchmaking or custom games. We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re excited to make these map packs available for all players.

We’ll have more details on the release timing soon but in the meantime, join us at RTX Austin 2017 for an exclusive hands-on preview with Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST running on Xbox One!

Tuesday, May 23

Destiny 2 game play reveal trailer

I watched the Destiny 2 game play trailer and I pre-ordered the game straight away.

I have never ever pre-ordered a game after watching a trailer.


But I was simply impressed.

Destiny 2 looks to be the game that the original Destiny so desperately wanted to be but took 2 years to be fully realised by Bungie.

Check it out:

The lessons of Destiny 1 have been learned. Bungie has listened. They came right with the last couple of rounds of DLC. Destiny 2 is going to be the real deal.

For the love of Oprah Winfrey, this game better have a compelling campaign!

Can't wait until the Beta!

Speaking of the Beta, if you pre-order the game on Amazon, you can get into the Beta early.

Thursday, May 4

Shane Salerno to write the Gears of War movie script

So how is going to play Marcus and Dom?

Deadline reports:

Universal and Microsoft announced their collaboration on the game in late 2016. At the time, Rod Fergusson, head of Microsoft subsidiary The Coalition that develops new Gears Of War content and the franchise co-creator, said the film would not be based on any particular game but instead be a new story set in the universe. 

That universe is the fictional planet of Sera, where a squad of beefed-up commandos living in a bombed-out postapocalyptic society battle swarms of alien creatures called Locusts.

The first game, developed by Epic and released in 2006, has spawned sequels that have put the game series at north of $1 billion in grosses. It is considered one of the most iconic video game success stories that defined the first generation of HD gaming and is played by more than 45 million gamers worldwide. 

Microsoft acquired the franchise in 2014, when co-creator Fergusson returned to lead The Coalition, the Microsoft development studio focused exclusively on Gears Of War.

Salerno’s current writing credits include the four sequels to Avatar for director James Cameron, which begin shooting in August, as well as writing and producing The Cartel for Ridley Scott to direct at 20th Century Fox, based on the bestselling Don Winslow novel. That film is eyeing a tentative January production start. His other credits include the Michael Bay-directed Armageddon and the Oliver Stone-directed Savages.


One question, if the story is not based on the three games will the movie feature Marcus Fenix or Dominic Santiago? And the rest of the gang?