Harley Quinn Cosplay Costumes

harley quin cosplay costume
Body Painted Harley Quinn

Harley Quin Cosplay Costumes

Who knew that Harley Quinn could go from being a cute but crazy character from an animated version of Batman to one of cosplay's most popular and sexiest roles? Just look at the Suicide Squad movie and you know it's true! Margot Robbie's version of the character has made the crazed villain more popular than ever.

Harley is more formally known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel but is more often referred to as the Joker's girlfriend or accomplice.

Either way she's a classic comic villainese in her own right and a popular cosplay choice.

Here's some pictures of the fans - who clearly like to enjoy the sexy dark side of the little Harlequin...

Nurse Quinn
Here's Harley as a sexed up nurse, recently free from the corridors of Arkum Asylum no doubt,

Body paint Harlequin costume play

Here's a pretty sweet body painted version of our little red and black villain. 

Harlequin girl in a ref night dress
Harley says come get some, Tiger. 
Here's the temptress Ms Quinn as she attempts to get the Joker to stop his scheming to bring down the Batman for half an hour and come to bed for some good old fashion crazy lovin.... 

Harlequin as a nurse

When Harley say's it's time to take you medicine, she dam well means it, so drop your pants solider!

harley quinn costume

Above is a picture of what you could argue as being a Dark Knight kind of Harley Quin, she's got that grungy, crazed, I'm gonna screw you up look going on. Lock up your children!

red dress harley quinn

And here's one for the cosplay files of, "I know I'm hot so I'm gonna turn up to this comic convention in the shortest red skirt possible, show of as much legs as I can and forget to wear a bra, Harley Quinn costume". 

Harley Quinn cosplay nude bodypaint

And finally, here's pretty much the ultimate cosplay of Harley Quinn, nude, save for some black, white and red body paint. 

It's amazing how great superheroes look in body paint eh? Not into comics but more of a gamer? Check out some World of Warcraft Cosplay.

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