Gears of Halo: We Love You Long Time

cortana large breasts halo
Cortana and friend.
If you run your own website you may have checked the site analytics once in while to see what draws people to the site. I often find amusing the search terms that people often come up with but given the internet is used for three things namely porn, jokes and everything else, it's not surprising some of the search terms that people use to find Gears of Halo.

Take the sexy Cortana for instance, she's the iconic purple princess from Halo that drives the fan boy's crazy with her well defined breasts. So people often therefore search for 'Cortana having sex with the Master Chief'. I can't help you other there but perhaps this article on why Halo: Reach is better than sex might be of interest. That's right, Gears of Halo does it's best to love you long time!

And speaking of Reach, the one armed Kat has certainly caught the hearts and minds of lovers everywhere with search terms like 'kat fucking' and 'kat nude' cropping up quite often.

I completely understand the need to find Aisha Tyler pictures or Aisha Taylor with two Princess Leias because we actually have that! In fact Princess Leia bikinis are kind of mandatory round here:

Double Trouble!
There's clearly a few fans of the Tekken movie too. Some searchers clearly think of Kelly Overton as more than the girl next door... but Dr Halsey nude? Really people? As for your ballon fetish needs we do have that covered.

It was probably a mistake to do a few posts on cosplay. Costume's are a common part of fantasy role play for sex partners, so it is not surprise that Mistress Madi dressed as the Master Chief is a hit through the google search. Sexy Supergirl costume? We have her too.

Why people need to find images of 'nude spartans' and Jun naked is beyond me. Miss Valentine's Cortana Cosplay is extremely popular for some reason too. Can't figure out why.... We have a half naked Ironman (or is this an Ironlady?) as well. Who said comics were for geeks?

Tattoos are also a very popular cultural thing this days, they are becoming more popular as social norms and good Christian values erode and deliquescent youth rise up against their underachieving parents. Well, that's what my grand dad things. He might be right judging by the popular need to find cortana naked tattoos via google. We don't have those but we do have some Master Chief tattoos for your viewing pleasure.

Who said woman shouldn't be in the infantry?
But it's not all Halo related either, Anya Stroud from Gears of War clearly features high in the sexual pleasure fantasies of some fans. I don't think she would pose for those so inclined to see her tied to the bed some how ok? She's a lady after all. An locust horde ass kicking lady, but a lady none-the-less!

So, now you know what people really use the internet for eh? What's your favorite search term? Should I be brave enough to let you leave it in the comments section?

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