Want a Halo Tattoo? Check these ideas out

halo tattoo

Some Xbox box players like to play Halo. Some Halo fans love to play the game.  Some Halo fans love the game so much they start up Halo Blogs. Some Halo fans love Halo so much they get tattoos.

Check out these pictures of Halo fans and the ultimate proof they love Halo more than 'mom'...

master chief tattoo

John 117 with guns blazing on this sweet tattoo.

Master Chief is Pretty in Pink like Molly Ringwald...

Master Chief Tattoo in the classic Halo 2 pose.

Legendary Arm Tattoo

Legendary Back Tattoo (incomplete?)

Tattoo of Mr Chief on the back of the neck. Ouch!

Check out The Arby!

Ever crossed swords with a Halo player?


Anonymous said...

that back piece is badass! that is a uber-fan right there.

Jimmy Jangles said...

you could say the back piece was legendary....

Anonymous said...

nice tattoo :) here's mine :P http://img13.imageshack.us/i/image2hnw.jpg/