Master Chief in Halo Reach Easter Egg

So, the Master Chief does make an appearance as a GIANT EASTER EGG in Halo: Reach after all. You have to do some shenanigans during a cut scene but one can find the Chief aboard the Pillar of Autumn, all hushed in his casket...

Chief in Reach: Slumbering on the Autumn
Rooster Chief explains how to find the  Master Chief in this amusing video:

So what do you need to do to find Master Chief in Reach?

  • From the Main Screen, Select Normal
  • Select Pillar of Autumn Level
  • Choose Rally Point Bravo
  • Fight though the game
  • After you cleared the Mac Cannon segment, the cut scene starts
  • Hold the right stick (as in strafe) during the cut scene
It's no save the day style cameo, but hey at least we can say that Master Chief does indeed make an appearance in Halo Reach. 

It's a nice easter egg and I say well done Bungie. As I first finished the game and I saw that ship taking off, it bugged me greatly the Chief was on there and I hadn't see him at all!

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