The Wrap Up - Gears of Halo News

Very Creative use of a Halo Tshirt
It's been an fairly good news week around the globe for news on some of our favourite games - or soon to be favourite games I'm sure.

Mass Effect wise we heard speculation that the third game will have Kinect and we learnt a little bit about the evil Reapers.

I wrote a love letter to Bungie: I heart you Bungie

The achievements for Duke Nukem Forever got revealed and seem pretty standard for those who played the game in the 1990s... and here's some Lancer Target Practice Wallpaper for GOW fans.

Cosplay wise we had entries from Herminone of Harry Potter fame, and we cashed in on some Joker cosplay too. The release of Xmen: First Class has meant that the pictures of Mystique are very, very popular.

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