Joker costume play - it's so serious

The Joker 

He's the archetype nemesis that all comic book villains aspire to be.

Insane in the membrane but sharp as a tack.

The Joker is the Yin to Batman's Yang.

If you want a quality villain with a noxious flower or two in his jacket, he's your man.

And as for pencil tricks...

The Joker translates so well as a bad guy for cos play fans because no matter what version of the Joker they want to dress up as, the key elements are simple and can be varied up and played any way you like. You can do your cosplay as the one of many comic versions - including the famous Killing Joke one with curly hair and sharp teeth.

joker from the dark knight

Jack Nicholson briefly made the Joker cool in 1989 but as cosplay largely goes with the times, the modern day choice of Joker is Heath Ledger's version from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. This Joker has become iconic, thanks in no doubt to Heath's death before the movie was released.

I wonder if his Joker is the most popular cosplay  choice for a character who's actor won an Oscar for their performance?

And what will Joaquin Pheonix's Joker performance conjure up? Let's hope it's a far step removed from Jared Leto's Suicide Squad effort....

Joker cosplay

So... I stick a razor in my mouth and do this... 

Joker dress up costume

I heard he wears make-up. 

Joker costume photo
The Joker sits and thinks about his life...

It's not all supernatural super seriousness though, some fans put their own spin on things, and that's the point I was trying to make above.

If you have the white face, red lips and green hair, and perhaps a purple suit, most people will recognise your cosplay choice as a Joker of some kind.

Check out this gentleman below - he's got some of the 'why so serious' Ledger face going on but he used spiky hair with a more playful joker suit so get his own creepy version going on.

amazing joker costume cosplay

Of course, in some circles the Joker is not a solo act anymore. Harley Quinn was introduced as the Joker's psycho girlfriend and 'double trouble' never had such a perfect definition as these two troopers:

Cosplay photo of Harley Quin and The Joker

Joker and Mrs Quinn

Mrs Quinn and Joker

Joker and Batman cosplay
And where's the Batman? He's behind you Joker!

Joker is generally played by a male. Some times cosplay fans like to turn the tables and come of up with nude versions of the Joker. 

Check out this babe of a cosplay Joker below. I'd be careful getting close if I were you....

Female Joker Cosplay nude
Ooohhh. You want to play. Come on! 
Body Painted Joker cosplay

If the above joker is the crazy female version of the character, what would the equivalent Batman be like?

Female Tim Burton Joker costume

Cute Joker? Would you dance with her in the pale moon light?

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