Lord of the Rings Cosplay

lord of the rings cospplay hobbits
A few hobbits and elves cosplayers

Lord of the Rings Cosplay Pictures

All the hype about FIGWIT be damned, the true heroes of Lord of the Rings are the fans who have long kept the novels popular since they were first published by Tolkien in the mid 1950's.

The modern day equivalent of keeping something popular is not read like a good book worm but to dress up as your favourite character from that book or film and before you can say "And my Axe!", you got a whole lot of LOTR cosplay action going on.

Below we have a cosplay version of Aragorn or The King of Narnia. I forget which one he is. To his left is Arwen or some sexy elvish hooker that he's picked up on his way back from a hard day's work fighting Ringwraiths and the like that may be found on the outskirts of the Shire.

aragorn cosplay
Aragorn and his Missus

arwen cosplay LOTR

Above is a very pretty elf, this cosplayer could be trying to be Arwen or some other elvish creature but I'm sure you'll agree she's done a pretty good job with her costume.

gandalf cosplay
You shall not pass!
If one had to some up Lord of the Rings in one word, it would not be hobbits. It would not be the Fellowship.  It would be Gandalf. Cos he's like the coolest wizard in the history of wizardry.

So why not dress as him for some cosplay adventure?

ringwraith cosplay lotr

And here's the most menacing of all the LOTR characters, a ringwraith. Ooooh Scary.

If you get tired after running around the forest, larping it up, have a refreshing homemade ginger beer. It'll be good for your soul...

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