Mass Effect 3 is "better with Kinect"

If some apparently official box art for ME3 is to be believed, the game will incorporate Xbox's Kinect System. Perhaps this is why ME3 has been delayed in 2012 - to give the game's producers time to properly implement the features that Kinect can offer to the Mass Effect Universe? Who knows really but here's a couple of things the internet had to say about this new news.

Joystiq reported:

"NeoGaf user 'Lakitu' allegedly spotted the image on the store, though it was said to be removed soon after. Lending credence to the report is Destructoid's discovery that the image is still being hosted on EA's website servers as of this report."

StickSkills suggested 5 ways for Mass Effect to use Kinect including voice:

Is it surprising this stuff leaked 'accidentally' a week before E3? Call me a cynic but everything gets leaked these days to drum up publicity - that said ME3 has been delayed....

Either way, I'm picking as long as it's optional to have Kinect activated as one plays through the campaign

"One of the options that makes the most sense at this current point in time would be voice options. A few games have already looked at doing voice commands, and with the dialogue options in Mass Effect, it'd be easy to be able to use voice commands to respond to an individual in the title. Things would obviously be limited, but as simple as using the first few words or saying “no”, “yes”, “later” aren't bad either."


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