Lancer Assault Rifle Training Poster to download for wallpaper

Gamers who took part in the Gears of War 3 Beta last month have been given a lil thank you nod from Microsoft in the form of this sweet poster:

You should think about downloading this to use as some sweet wallpaper for your screen!

Microsoft also let loose some statistics about the Gears Beta that may excite the Lizard part of your brain:

  • Total Participants: 1.29 Million
  • Total Countries Playing the Beta: 145
  • Total Kills: 927 Million
  • Total Executions: 127 Million
  • Total Deaths by Chainsaw bar oil: 23 Million
  • Total Bullets Fired: 23 Billion
  • Total Match Time Played: 249 Years
  • Jimmy Jangle's personal contribution to these numbers. Zip.

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