Saturday, January 26

In memory of Lockout from Halo 2

lock out halo 2

There's whispers on the wind of a remake of Lockout for Halo 4 coming (let's hope it's a true remake and not that rubbish that was put together for Halo 3...

Meanwhile enjoy this very interesting look back from Reactive Bias on one of the most popular Halo 2 maps there ever was....

"Tucked against a rock face on Delta Halo, Lockout was one of the standout maps of Halo 2. Originally set to feature in Halo: Combat Evolved*, Lockout was worth the wait as it kept players constantly on edge with its power positions not easily defended.

This meant everyone was always moving, and in my opinion that’s something that pushes a multiplayer space from good to great; Lockout illustrates this very well.

Made up of three levels, the top saw the sniper and battle rife face off against each other while snow fell silent between. The central area was the vertical middle ground you crossed at your own peril – bullets (and exploding power cores!) usually coming from several angles as you tried to make it across. You were an easy target, but a few well-timed jumps in this area was the fastest way to cover the distance of the map."

Read the full recollection here.

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