Halo Concept Artwork from Issac Hannaford

Halo Level?
It takes a lot to make a Halo game. You need brilliant guys like Chris Butcher from New Zealand and basically some really awesome artwork design. That's were Bungie's Isaac Hannaford comes in. As a long term artist for Halo games, he's been given permission from Bill Gates personally to release some of his original concept art to the masses.

Check out the follow pictures that I've borrowed from his blog. They range from Halo 3: ODST to Halo 2. See if you can work out which art work goes with what Halo game...

Concept Cover Art of the Chief and Cortana
Halo 2? or probably 3. 
High Charity
Chief takes them all on in a mongoose Warthog


Anonymous said...

The last image, it's not a mongoose, it's a warthog.

Jimmy Jangles said...

yup totally correct.

Anonymous said...

On the image below Chief and Cortana, I really doubt that was from Halo 2. See that structure in space to the left and behind the other side of the ring? That's the Ark from Halo 3. And that building in the rocks at the center? It looks like an early version of the Control Room from Halo 3's level "Halo". And like someone else said, the vehicle in that last image is a Warthog. A Mongoose (in Halo) is a small, two-seat ATV.

I'm sorry but is this really a fansite? I mean, from the name I guess it's for halo AND gears of war... but I certainly hope you guys know more about gears than halo because it's pretty much impossible to take this site seriously when you talk about games you obviously don't play much of.