Halo 4 spoilers about the Prometheans


A user on NeoGAF, has spilled his guts about what he read in Game Informer about the “Prometheans” in Halo 4. Take with a grain of salt and be wary of spoilars!
  • The Knights are one of three subdivisions within the Prometheans.
  • Crawlers are basically cannon fodder to distract from the Knights.
  • Watchers are support units. They can shield knights, spawn watchers, resurrect knights.
  • Prometheans work together strategically.
  • Frankie's example of a Knight sniping him, he takes cover behind a column, Crawlers attack him by crawling down from the column.
  • Promethean weapons/equipment designed to fight Flood.
There are different variants of Knights, watchers, and crawlers.
  • Knight - Deadly warriors, use weapons like Light Rifle and Supressor.
  • Knight Lancer - Scouts and Marksmen, use Promethean Vision to locate hidden enemies
  • Knight Commander - Have skills of Knights, but can wield Incineration Cannons, stronger armour, Autosentry turrets
  • Knight Battlewagon - Rare but incredibly dangerous, huge frames draped in heavy armor and hardlight shielding, can deploy Autosentries, will wield Scattershot if you get too close. 
  • Watcher - Wield boltshots, summon crawlers, protect and resurrect Knights.
  • Crawler - Agile and move in packs, fire Boltshot from distance
  • Crawler Snipe - upgraded crawlers
  • Alpha Crawler - Lead packs of Crawlers, has a Supressor
Some more tid bits about the Prometheans:
  • Prometheans work for the Forerunner civilization, "or whatever is left of it."
  • Why do they now appear as robotic entities? Were they always this way?
  • Prometheans are directed by a "general of sorts".
  • First you encounter the Covenant. Then the Prometheans. But it is when they combine forces, and how they combine, that will offer biggest surprises.
  • Also, the variants of the Prometheans weren't the blue ones, perhaps

I'm not sure about these crawlers, they seem like a lame, annoying replacement for Grunts?

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