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Noobie Here? Here's a page we'll call the ABOUT GEARS OF HALO PAGE.

They say about the Halo games that ‘come for the campaign, stay for the multiplayer’. And that’s how it works with Gears of Halo. Come for the news, stay for the views!

Why am I doing a Xbox games blog? For 5 odd years I’ve run The Optimus Prime Experiment where I blogged on anything and everything. I made a few posts on Halo – and I found myself thinking those posts would be better if  they were on their own site.

The announcement of Halo: Reach was a great chance to do just that – get all the views and news on Halo in one spot where I can share my thoughts (your own are quite welcome too – either in the comments or with your own guest post).

Following the release of Reach, I found there was less to write about - and I formed a new desire to write about other games I enjoy playing such as Gears of War and Mass Effect.

Obviously I don’t create Reach or Halo or Gear of War or any other Xbox game so the content here is not gonna be completely original. That said I don’t wanna fall into the ‘echo chamber’ mentality and re blog on anything and everything Bungie or whoever got the gossip says. If I do, I’m gonna try give it my own spin. Like a record, baby.

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I love gaming and I love doing this gaming blog so I figured why don't I see if I can get some reward for my efforts. Thus, Gears of Halo has some advertising in two forms. The obvious is the advertising blocks around the page. The second is in post links to the Amazon store. I make a tiny commission every time (actually if ever) a purchase is made at Amazon after arriving there via one of those links.


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