Sunday, May 29

This is Louis Wu

Louis Wu*
This is Louis Wu. He's what I would call a bloody good chap. He runs the 2nd best halo site in the universe** HBO. He's a bloody good chap because he gets Halo. He appears to live it and to breathe it. He is insightful and has his finger on the pulse. And he kindly links out to Gears of Halo every so often:

A Noble Hunt  / Are You a Halo Fan or A HALO fan? / Halo Concept Art.

Anyways, enough self promotion - this week Mr Wu hosted a Lan Party - such is his street cred, even some of the boys from Bungie turned up - Urk wrote up how awesome it was to take part in the LAN party in the Bungie Weekly Update (which has by definition not updated us on ANYTHING SINCE REACH CAME OUT).

As I write, I actually just remembered why I started writing this post of homage to Mr Wu - I found this awesome Halo website Age of Gratitude which has Blue Ninja praising HBO and he reference LAN parties... and then there was Wu's Write Up I saw on HBO that there was a lan party.... and well ... yes I'm a mess ...  I found (on HBO) these other write ups of the Lan Party  - hellmitre, Nof chimes in with some reminiscing too. Mig mentions stuff. Check out the four different picture galleries here. Worst. Paragraph.Structure.Ever.

If you are reading this page chances are you are nearly half as big a Halo fan as Louis Wu and GrimBrother One are - so why don't you submit your Halo story to Age of Gratitude? I'm going to asap!

I note Louis is wearing one of those awesome Bungie Destiny T-shirts that caused such a such a stir last week. I bet Urk updated Wu and co on what's going on with Destiny too. Lucky Bastards!`

This is what makes gaming awesome. This is what makes gaming a legit past time. This is what our wives will never understand.....

* Not his real name
** That's right, I said it.

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