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I believe it was my beautiful Grandmother that taught me that good things come to those who wait. Well hands up who is sick of waiting for Bungie to announce their new IP. But things are slowly leaking out of the bucket which are giving us some clues.

Last year their was news of Bungie Aerospace being trade marked. This came out and we had to ask out selves what a Grognok was.

Then a disgruntled Bungie contractor grunted that Bungie's MMO was named Destiny and the internet pretty much went ape shit over that and Bungie basically was forced to say NO COMMMENT.  Then news came that Bungie had trade marked the word Crimson - possibly for some kind of software that could be downloaded to a hand held device.

So then Bungie did something with Penny Arcade and before you could say GNOP! Bungie staffer Jonty Barnes was spied wearing this T-shirt:

Jonty B with Destiny Logo on T-shirt
Now, is that the famous Sage behind Jonty but sans famous beard?

This opened a few eyes which lead to this piece of detective work happening and as it's totally copy and paste worthy: Hitmonchan writes at HBO:

Tracing the paper trails of Bungie employees, I discovered Podophobia Entertainment*, a company formed by Harold Ryan and Martin O'Donnell. And wouldn't you know it, a quick company trademark search revealed a listing for "Destiny."

Does that name sound familiar? It's the title an ex-Bungie contractor leaked to Kotaku after he was fired. He also said the game blends together first-person shooter, MMO and sci-fi elements.

The trademark describes the game as "[c]omputer game software downloadable from a global computer network."

NeoGAF member Willeth noticed strange symbols on a Bungie employee's shirt in a recent video from Penny Arcade. The small symbol on his left shoulder matches the logo in the listing.

According to Trademarkia, the trademark was filed July 20, 2009, and it was granted a second extension on March 7.

Podophobia Entertainment goes back to May 8, 2006, according to the Delaware Division of Corporations. It is now listed as inactive.

The company has a second trademark filed, "Be Brave," which was also granted a second extension on Feb. 24. The description for the trademark is nearly identical to the one for "Destiny.

But wait! Here's the logo which is possibly for the Seven Seraphs:


Like the guy who found two rainbows, what does this all mean? I don't know, I haven't taken enough drugs this weekend to even get close BUT some other dudes at Daily Joypad have more speculation / rumours to share:

"It’s not the first time that Bungie trademarks have been uncovered that seem to point to this IP. Early last year, trademarks for ‘Seven Seraphs’, ‘New Monarchy’, ‘Osiris’ and ‘Dead Orbit’ were found but never substantiated. The Daily Joypad, however, now has evidence to suspect that these four names are in fact factions in a persistent online world.

A prominent Bungie employee showed four different “simple and geometric” symbols to our source that would match each of these trademarks, each in a different colour, one of which was a match for the larger symbol on Barnes’ chest in the Penny Arcade video and would seem to bear a close resemblance to a ‘Seven Seraphs’ logo. Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous and does not work for Bungie himself, says that it was intimated to him that the logos were representative of “factions of some sort”, that would match each of the four names above, with each group having their own “base to reside upon.” It’s also alleged by our source that these ‘bases’ would be distinct communities to allow each faction to discuss tactics privately."

Really? A Bungie employee revealed details to a 'source'? I'm putting this in the MAYBE pile but the speculation sounds pretty good, right? Team tactics? FUCK ME - I just wanna shoot some bad guys - if this is the new War Craft and I have to make play dates with internet buddies, I'm gonna be slightly grumpy. I'm a Lone Wolf these days - I don't talk to people as I got sick of the freaking kids who's voices haven't broken talking about how fat your momma was and how she was so fat when she jumped through the first Halo she got stuck.

NE ways, there's still more things to think about Destiny wise:

Here's some website names that Neogaf think should give us something to think about:

The WHO IS looks ups don't really provide anything useful...

*Extra for Experts: Podophobia is the fear of feet. 

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