The Return Part One Youtube Video

So, yup, another anime that 343 is milking the golden Halo cow with.... if I was was to be objective the short was slow, dull and the sense of 'epic-ness forth coming' the Return tried to project was actually distinctly lacking. The best Halo anime so far was The Package.

I will of course, dear Halo Reach Game News Reader, watch the remaining episodes to be sure I hate it, because that's what Halo fan boys do....

I will give 343 some credit though. It's the first thing to be released since Halo 3, which gives us some news of events in the Halo Universe that happened after we Halo players finished the fight in H3 so it could be a nice lil footnote in the big scheme of things.

Halo Waypoint described The Return as:

Set years after the events of Halo 3, "The Return" follows a lone Covenant Shipmaster's spiritual journey across the surface of a once thriving human colony world -- a world overrun and destroyed by a fleet under his direct command. Focusing on the Shipmaster's search for meaning amongst the devastated ruins of a now dead planet, "The Return" is a somber reflection on the aftermath of war, punctuated by moments of intense action.

The Return will show every weekend in April on Waypoint.

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Seenoht said...

I agree with your pick for best anime so far, but I'm not sure I'd call this one milking the cow since it is free to watch.