Gears 3 to have Easter Eggs

At the recent Game Developers Conference two things happened. Bungie's David Aldridge made a bad joke about their new  game being 'massive' and the news spread like wildfire that Bungie's game was an MMO. The other slightly interesting thing was Cliff Bleszinski had this too say about the new Gears game:

"The second after Bulletstorm came out, the front page of Kotaku and all these [gaming] websites was the Red Ring Of Death secret. That's your hidden X-factor to extend the launch of the game. So now I'm running into our office like, 'Dude. Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs. Pack 'em in, pack 'em deep."

OK it's hardly big news, but it's a slow news day at Gears of Halo.

So let the speculation begin, what kinds of things will Cliffy B and the rest of the Gears game developers throw in to the mix. While they be eggs that refer to the game itself or will they be crazy shit like what Bungie do such as throwing a secret disco into a level of Reach?

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