I still say where there's smoke, there's fire

Bungie's had to put out a lot of fire's lately and yesterdays's MMO explosion has been put out by Urk in the Weekly Update:

Tired of pretending that he’s not a -blam!-in’ rock star from Mars, David Aldridge inhaled a huge hit of David Aldridge at GDC yesterday. Subsequently, his face melted off and children wept over his exploded body. After the childish tears, gelatinous gibs, and acrid smoke cleared, an industrious journalist noticed the final slide from David’s GDC deck which apparently proclaimed that we were hiring for a "massively…multiplayer action game." Ruh oh.

Now, in rehearsal Aldridge was convinced that everybody got the joke. It was all in the delivery, he assured us, and he was certain it was clear that he was playfully riffing off of the recent rumors. Unfortunately, most people can’t figure David out – they can’t process him. And we don’t expect them to. You can’t process David Aldridge with a normal brain. You’d need tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

From: David Aldridge 
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 5:42 PM
To: Pete Parsons; Eric Osborne
Subject: Fwd: "GDC: Bungie's Next Game Is An MMO"

FYI. The tape will exonerate me, but I'm sorry anyway. :(

Apology accepted, David. See you when you get back from rehab. Hopefully we’ll have your full presentation, along with everyone else’s ready for the publications page. No promises.

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