Should Sheppard and Ashley Williams get back together in ME3?

Miranda: Not off Limits in ME3
If you played your cards right in the original Mass Effect game, you may have engineered your version of the Sheppard character to get in on in the biblical sense with crew mate Ashley Williams. Romance was a big deal in ME1, if you didn't know!

Apparently Sheppard had never heard the useful motto 'don't screw the crew'. Long story short, Sheppard was killed by the Reapers, went  MIA / KIA and Ashely was left to grieve.

If you played ME2 and if you were like me and were kind of like well screw you Ashely, I'm gonna go screw Miranda cos she's putting out there like Elton John in a duck costume, you may have possibly caused yourself some woman trouble in Mass Effect 3...

Here's a possible glimpse of what may be instore - ME3's game player designer, Christina Norman was asked a question about it:

Will players who opted to stay romantically involved with Liara or Ashley Williams from ME1 be rewarded for staying loyal?

CN: I can’t talk about any of the specific decisions or what they actually do. But what I can say is that decisions through all of the Mass Effect games, including the DLC, will matter for Mass Effect 3. And it’s not just like decisions that carried over from ME1 to ME2 will matter in ME3, they’ll be decisions in ME1 that did not visibly impact ME2 that will have an impact in ME3. What we looked at is the total story, everything that happened in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 is real and matters, we let the writers draw on that as much as they want to customize the experience and to be pretty much without limits.

So what are your thoughts? Were you loyal to Ashley (or Kaidan!)? Or did you taste the sweetness of the genetically modified Miranda Lawson? Either way, what do you think will be the repercussions for your actions in ME3? Will you stay loyal in ME3?

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