Halo Reach Easter Eggs

Halo Reach Easter Eggs

As with all the Halo the games, Bungie have thrown some new eggs into the Halo omelette. But what is an easter egg? An Easter egg is an intentional hidden messagein-joke or feature in a video game. The practice draws a parallel with the custom of the Easter egg hunt observed in many Western nations as well as the last Russian imperial family's tradition of giving elaborately jeweled egg-shaped creations by Carl Fabergé which contained hidden surprises. How's that for a history lesson?

The DJ and the Disco at Club Errera

After you go to the Hospital in Mission Never Surrender but after you load the next checkpoint you can backtrack to the Hospital to a platform which has two tall slender trees. Land your Falcon on this platform, flip a switch that's present on the wall then head back to Club Errera, where you’ll find that your switch-flicking has just opened up a cool Easter Egg featuring a raging discotheque, full of some grunts doing their best John Travolta impressions to “The Siege of Madrigal.” There's even a DJ rocking some block rocking beats!

Then if you go back outside and fly to the roof  of the same building there will be another switch behind some pipes. Flipping it will change the song in the club to a remix of "the siege of madrigal", which has been featured as an easter egg in every Halo game thus far. If you choose to  kill the DJ brute, the record scratches and the music stops and the party is over.

Long Night of Solace: Marty O'Donnell Reference 

On this level, when you are in the Covenant Corvette, a group of marines should join you. If you look at their names in the lower left of the tv screen, one of their names should be presented as one "M.O Donnell". His service tag is MRTY. This is a direct reference to thee Marty O' Donnell, the composer of  Halo series' music

New Alexandria: Dialogue

When flying in the Falcon as you attempt to rescue prisnors or maybe taking town jammers across the city, you may hear a gunner say "Just like shooting swamprats back home". This is a reference to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars when talking about womprats and  plans to destroy the Death Star .

Catherine Halsey's Secret Lab

Here's the video that accompanies the below guide points!
  • Have two players. Yourself and someone else, or just a second controller. 
  • Play "The Package" on legendary. You *can* start the game at Rally Point Bravo, don't worry. 
  • Defeat all of the AI which gets thrown at you until the very end. At which point the control should magically appear. Note: It may appear earlier, but I only found it after I had killed all of the AI so that's all I know. It's easier to explore when no one is shooting at you :P 
  • Grab a jetpack. It may be possible to pull it off without one...but I wouldn't try it. 
  • Watch the video and see for yourself where the magical control spawns at. Follow my steps and you should be able to activate the control too. You'll see why you need a second person too...
  • Now, once you make your way into the shrine you'll find seven terminals. Just like the datapads you can find all through out the game, you activate them and up pops a little display plus a couple of pages of information.
Master Chief in Reach Egg

So after a lot stress about whether the Chief was going to be in Reach, the final answer is that Master Chief does make an appearance as a GIANT EASTER EGG in Halo: Reach after all. You have to do some shenanigans during a cut scene but one can find the Chief aboard the Pillar of Autumn, all hushed in his casket...

Oooh look! A hushed casket. Shall we wake it?
The Reach Racer Easter Egg

To find the egg, be on the Oni: Sword Base map. Attempt to locate and activate two invisible switches that jump start the race. Then hop in a Warthog and race to the finish! Sounds like a bunch of nonsense? Watch this video and the egg will be revealed!

Make four Banshees Spawn on The Package Level 

Halo Reach is awash with Easter Eggs, here’s the newest one. Two players can trigger the appearsance of four banshees near the start of the Reach level, The Package.

The Banshees have been found by pressing two secret switches on "The Package".

When you press both switches the "return to battlefield" message also disappears (Gosh, I hate that message, what a KILLJOY Bungie). You do need at least two people to get the banshees to spawn, as the second switch will disappear if not pressed within a few seconds of the first.

The Reach pundits are wondering if there is something out there Bungie want you to find…

Here’s a pretty sweet video which shows you how to find the banshees.

These are the cool eggs that have been found so far by keen Halo fans (and wow, how do they figure this stuff out?) - have you got any good ones or fave lines? Leave a note in the comments!!

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RokNTek said...

Not sure that reference to Marty is so much of an Easter Egg. All of the troopers that join you throughout the game are named after Bungie employees...

Jimmy Jangles said...

Perhaps a fair call....