Reach is mission based...

Yep, that's too obvious a title right?...

Here's an interview with Marcus Lehto on Halo Reach:

Bungie brainstormed 150 mission ideas for Halo Reach, before wittling them down to around 20 or so, creative director, Marcus Lehto has revealed.

Speaking to CVG, the Bungie man said that some of the missions in Reach the studio's been waiting "ten years" to pull off.

"That's one of the things we paid special attention to when we began," he said. "We didn't just start off with the story and then try to mash missions into it; we came up with like a hundred and fifty mission ideas that we threw up on a wall.

"And we sat down and critiqued them all and we were like: 'we just have to do some of these; we've been waiting ten years!' So we whittled that down to maybe 20 or so, then we boiled those down to the missions that finally made it into the game."

Lehto explained that although there are a set number of objectives in the studio's final Halo, players can approach them in an abundance of ways.

"That's part of the fun! Halo's a sandbox shooter, so you're right - you can tackle it in a hundred different ways and it'll play out differently every time," he said.

"And if you get bored of that, you can turn on skulls, modifiers, different difficulties... play it co-op on the same box. Matchmaking over Live. There are a lot of neat things to do with campaign."

Bungie is of course set to launch its final instalment in the Halo series on September 14. The developer released a brand new Halo Reach trailer earlier this month - check it out and try not to be excited.

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