If you get lost at Comic Con, Wonder Woman will save you

wonder woman cosplay flash

The above photo is apparently cosplayers dressed as Wonder Woman and The Flash helping a lost kid at a Comic Con. It's nearly as awesome as Hellboy making friends with young X. Bless. Anyways, here's a random selection of cosplayers doing the cosplay thing. We've got heroes and villians. Super Babes and  dastardly bastards. A master chief and a Scorpion. All in all, cosplayers have have a sweet time of it lately!

super babes and a lucky golden dude
Flying Super Babes and a lucky golden dude
link cosplay zelda
Linking up with cosplayers is easy at a Comic Con
I'm not sure if this Sesame Street cosplay of Bert should even be allowed to happen. It's kind of creepy in an Evil Bert kind of way. Still, I've never seen this kind of yellow freak running round a comic con before so I give props for originality and also that mono-brow....

Evil Bert?
cast of thousands cosplay characters
Cast of thousands: Where's Wally? Or Stan Lee...
A family that Pac Mans together, stays together. Cute!

No idea what this is from but the axe is sharp
Super Girl costume cute blonde hair
She'll fly you to the moon if you ask nice

Thunder cats costume
I'm gonna have to fail with Thunder Cats attempt. It's more Lame-O than Lion-O. Sorry.
But the below picture of a Boba Fett with boobs can never fail. It reminds me of this sexy Storm Trooper and the infamous time Darth Vader grabbed his employee's breast... Good old Darth.

Female cosplay of Boba Fett
Boob-a Fett? Probably the cousin of this guy

master chief cos play con
This man needs no introduction.

Thanks to eleventhphotgraphy for some cool pix. Check them out!

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