Wonder Woman Cos Play Outfits

Wonder Woman is one of the truly iconic superheroes - thanks to the success the comics and Lynda Carter's TV version - Wonder Woman is up there in the league of Batman and Superman when it comes to listing the most famous superheroes of all time. 

It's no wonder then that this Amazonian Goddess is often chosen for cos play costumes - she's sexy and smart - and that's a perfect combo - and hey, at the convention's Wonder Woman's chocolate sure brings the boys to the yard! 

Adrianne Curry as her favourite super gal

Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman

Above is the Wonder Woman that every one is trying to match with their outfits, America's original sweet heart, Lynda Carter. 

Why so serious?

Sometimes even the celebrities like to play dress up for parties and orgies too. Here's publicity whore Kim Kardasian  vamping it up with her own costumed version of WW.

Double Trouble
Wonder Woman and close friend, Power Girl

What's better than one Wonder Woman cos player? Two !

Of course, this is not to say every cos play queen gets the outfit right. Every so often some one pulls a costume out of the bag so bad and horrific that it becomes the stuff of legends and nigh mares. This image below is the ultimate classic wonder woman done wrong:

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