Halo Anniversary Kinnect gives you a library

So the cat has been formaly let out of the bag - Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will have some cool features such as throwing a grenade on voice command and a trick that allows you to 'analyse' things you find and kill to build your own library.

Analyse Mode seems like fun but it's not much of a game changer really and seeing as it doesn't appear to be connected to Halo Anniversary's Achievements, there's probably not much incentive collect the whole set of library books or whatever ;). Maybe it will give up some untold Halo stories - who knows!?

The use of voice command allows one to throw grenades and reload throws something new into the mix - time will tell if it's a useful addition to the Halo sand box - the success of these new Kinect commands will give 343 some insight into how serviceable Kinect is in a Halo game and what role it could play in Halo 4.

Here's dirty video that was shot at the 343 Panel at the NY Comic Con where the Halo Kinect news was first released.

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