How invested in Halo Reach will you get?

This game Better be good.

How invested in Halo Reach will you get?

Hopefuly not so invested that you can’t meet your balloon payment and renege on your obligations leading to a sub prime mortgage market collapse but more so invested that Bungie will assimilate you and take over the world....

Of course Bungie can only to this one step at a time. The latest step is what is being championed as ‘Player Investment’.

“Player Investment is more reflective of the amount of time someone's dedicated to Halo: Reach and not necessarily their skill set. Someone can have a high Player Investment ranking and be a terrible player. But since Trueskill is tracking that data in the background, away from users, it will still match players appropriately. So, don't worry: terrible Halo: Reach players will be matched with other equally-awful Halo: Reach players.”

That was from a G4TV article which released a whole deal of info on this concept.

Challenges bring rewards. Undertaking the challenge is your ‘investment’. Better the risks (degree of difficulty in the challenge) the better the reward.

“Challenges come in two forms -- daily and weekly -- and are Bungie-developed obstacles that provide short to medium-length goals to be achieved solo (Like Han but with more quotes) or with groups. As Bungie expects most gamers will tackle Challenges after spending a chunk of time with Halo: Reach, many Challenges will have a notable difficulty curve.” Challenges include killing 150 enemies in any mode in Reach, winning three games in multiplayer in a row etc.

As far as I can figure out, once you get credits in the bank, you are able to use them to heavily customise your Spartan. Bungie notes that this customisation is carried through the cut scenes as one advances through the Reach campaign.

“Bungie wanted Halo: Reach's story to be more about the player's role in the battle, rather than simply assuming control of Master Chief and guiding his actions. Your customized Spartan is even included in the cut-scenes.”

I did spy this great image of customisation ability, which I have no doubt was supplied to G4TV because it blatantly showed off Oonsk. Nice work, Urk!

Can't see Oonsk? Does this shot help?

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