Monday, April 4

Wondercon Cosplay Costumes 2011

There was a girl with a curl....
Wondercon 2011 appears to have a fantastic selection of cos play outfits this year - the quality of costume seems so high compared to other recent events and conventions that Gears of Halo has covered - and I thought the C2E2 cosplayers were pretty awesome! Maybe it was because the photographer had an awesome quality camera...

Any way's here's a ramble tamble of costumes that include Batman, Bumblebee, sexy (?) vikings and some smoking hot Wolverine action and the lovely Amber from Suckerpunch. Rarrrr!

Here's an awesome female Bumblebee from the best fucking concept for kids branding ever, Transformers!

I have no idea what these cos play girls are up to. Sexy Snow White on the right perhaps?

Some kind of bloody Viking crew turned up to Wonder Con and appear to have adopted an aging Wonder Woman. Grandpa on the left looks pretty pleased he turned up. Bless. 

Sometimes people who do cos play turn up at these events and look like dicks. I think these guys and gals may have crossed the line in to what could be called 'self absorbed'. What do you think?

Who you gonna call? Hey, it's almost compulsory to use that tag line when the Ghostbusters come to get the Slimer. Hey boys, last I saw him, he just slimed Katy Perry. 

Another chick in green.

Dunno what's going on here either. Some killer bees taking a hot air hostess hostage?

Don't fuck with this guy

Every one loves a blue Spartan. Except Red Team.

Is that your mom in that marmalade mess?

Here's the Suckerpunching Amber, lollipop and all. If looks could kill....

Deadpool in a Tuxedo. Do we need say more?

I don't think this Lil Miss Muffit  is scared of Spiders....

I wonder if these two Streetfighters have actually ever been in a fight? 

Want more cos play action? What about the bikini wearing Selvaria Bles or some good old Pax Cos Play?


Anonymous said...

Dude, that's no's Deadpool! How can you mistake it?...

Well, just because it's a good collection hahaha

Anonymous said...

Seriously, man: DEADPOOL, not spidey. He doesn't even have web marks in his mask.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its Deadpool also those killa beez are the monarchs henchman and the woman is Dr. Girlfriend, watch some venture bros gosh!

Anonymous said...

He said Deadpool, sillies.