Sexy Cos play costume pictures because sex sells.

I've said it a million times, sex sells so that's why Gears of Halo is going to the lowest common demominator it can think of and bringing you some sexy cos play pictures of woman dressing up as their favourite gaming character. I'm sure X-Men's curvey Mystique has been in a video game somewhere so she's first up as the lady everyone has to beat:

Not much mystique left to the imagination here...

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider was perhaps the first female gaming character to go truly global and she's spawned a fair few imitators, Angeline Jolie among them but here's a junglelicious picture:
Lara Croft in a tree doing her cos play thing
A more recent popular character with assets as big as Lara's is Bayonetta. The game was almost a surprise hit but then when you give a character like Bayonetta a kickass legs it's no wonder every gaming girl want's to dress up like her and flaunt it:

But if you'd rather get your cosplay kicks from outer space, look no further than Mass Effect's Miranda Lawson. A very popular conquest of Commander Sheppard, Miranda has had much cosplay love from her earth bound friends:

cosplay costume mass effect miranda

Another popular figure from the Mass Effect game was Samara. A distant cousin of the Smurfs, her in game assets proved very popular with the fan boys. Here's a pretty sweet picture of Samara in cos play form:

Of course, the queen of cosplay is probably Halo's Cortana. People are always searching for pictures of her nude. But here's a more wholesome costumed Cortana that you could take home to your mother:

You possibly might not want to take this next girl home to your mother. She's a bit of a dark horse. OK I lied, I'm sure your mother would love it if you brought home a hot blonde girl dressed like Supergirl. The very definition of wholesome. Yes?

You've got me? The who's got you?!

Maybe Supergirl doesn't do it for you? Maybe you need Iron Lady to get your Warhammer going, if you know what I mean dear reader? Look she has her palms open, thats body language for friendship...

But the best things in life are soft, cute and cuddly so why not combine those elements into the ultimate cos play costume and turn up to your favourite comic convention dressed as the lovable Pikachu from the Pokemon series? We think this costume gives the Mystique picture a run for it's money, despite the lack of nudity. Bless you Comic Con, bless you:

sexy picachu girl

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