Thursday, March 3

One Leia to Rule them all

One Leia to rule them all
Princess Leia was the cute yet sassy heroine of the original Star Wars movie. She became battle hardened  during Empire Strikes back and became a bad ass babe in Return of the Jedi, most notablly for strangling the behomth sized Jabba the Hutt whilst wearing a gold metal bikini.

THAT bikini has gone on to become one of the most recognizable elements of the Star Wars franchise and has spawned a million imitators, all trying to recapture the complete sex appeal that Carrie Fisher's Leia oozed.

Check out these cos play images of all the Star Wars fans around the world doing their best to emmulate Princess Leia. I do wonder how many women in these pictures are actual Star Wars fans or rather are wearing the sexy bikini so that they will be the subject of a lot of attention.... you be the judge.

One Princess Leia Costume...

Two Princess Leia Costumes...

Three Princess Leia Costumes...

Too many Princess Leia costumes! You know how a group of lions is called a pride, surely there is an equivalent name for when so many people put on metal bikinis and dress up as Leia? No doubt they are cos play queens but should they called a Plethora of Princesses?

I think this Leia in the front is using Jedi mind tricks on me. Either way, does that warrior princess on the right look just a little bit like Natalie Portman who played Queen Amidala in a movie no one really talks about anymore?

Above: A Holy Trinity of Leias in their golden bikinis

We'd now like to take you full circle where all this bikini action began, to the planet Tatooine where Carrie Fisher and her body double (woah, what ever happened to her!?) were snapped sunning themselves in between takes for Return of the Jedi. Yep, Ms Fisher had it both on and off screen...

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