Why I'm Looking forward to Halo: Reach

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Why I'm Looking forward to Reach being released

Halo is my new Star Wars. Luke and Leia were my cool buddies back in the day and over the last 5 years or so its been 117 and Cortana. I know the cute couple are Lost in Space somewhere so I need new friends and I think Jorge is gonna be that friend. In all the Halo Reach promo stuff the dude just looks awesomely heroic.

I'm looking forward to coming across Buck again as he was kinda cool in ODST, in fact you could almost say he was that game's Han Solo.

I'm looking forward to playing on the Ascension map remake that can be found in Forge World. Rocket grabs, sniper pissing contests and camping with the shotgun in the nooks and crannies were some of my most favoured Halo 2 things on that Map.

I'm looking foward to a totally new story. Halo: Reach is not simply a retelling of the novel The Fall of Reach, it's a new chapter inthe universe. It's unexplored terrortory and you just know it's going to make way more sense that any of the  pa-lava served up in Gears of War!

Space is supposedly the final frontier. In terms of the Halo uiverse, Bungie have cracked it and now we are going to be able to pilot a space ship in a Halo game. It's like we get to fly around in an A-Wing, taking down the Emperor Palpatine's finest pilots.

I'm looking forward to driving around fire rockets from my Warthog:

I'm looking forward to awesome assassination moves (though I'm wondering if they might result in me getting killed more!) I'm looking forward to the new weapons and let's face it, I'm gagging for matching making abilities for Firefight. I feel we got sold a pup for ODST's Firefight - let's hope Bungie have learnt their lesson and if they haven't been able to deliver and idea they haven't mentioned it!

I'm also looking forward to Halo: Reach because I may have done my dash with Halo 3 multiplayer - after being spoiled to bits by the Beta test programme, Halo 3 just isn't the same online these days - that's not to say the campaign isn't worth of another run through! And that said, I did a Combat Evolved run through some months ago to get back into the Halo zone and I still loved it - Halo 2 kept the magic, Halo 3 Finished the Fight, ODST was a fun round around the park, I want Reach to have some magic that is greater than the sum of its parts like CE, and given what we've seen, I suspect Bungie may have given us the game they really wanted Halo 3 to be...and that's what I'm really looking forward to.


Seenoht said...

I agree with every word, Jimmy J. Hell, you earned even more of my respect for just knowing what an A-wing is! That's a good litmus test for a true SW fan.

I haven't played any Halo 3 since the Beta. Multiplayer, that is. I just finished my Heroic playthrough of the trilogy this weekend and will plow through ODST in the next week or two. Trying to get all my gaming in now before it gets shunted aside by the glory of Reach.

Damn, it's so close! Maybe with Reach's revised networking we can get some trans-Pacific matches going (Invasion FTW!)

Jimmy Jangles said...

Chur Bro and transtasman network for the win - that was awesome in the beta