So what does Joe know about Aerospace?

Regular Halo Reach Game News readers may remember last week's post about Bungie's Aerospace Trademark application which sought to register a new logo. We wondered what it represented. Behold the logo:

The plot thickens! A keen eyed Halo fan has spied Bungie Big Wig, Joe Staten wearing a top with the Aerospace logo blatantly postioned on his breast (he he I said breast!):

On it's own, this logo display this doesn't mean much - but look for more bread crumbs from Bungie in the future as to what this actually refers to. I'd pick, however, nothing official will be announced about Bungie's future plans until the best-game-ever-to-be-made-but-not-yet-released is actually released.


Seenoht said...

Good find. I'm pretty interested by this mysterious new symbol.

Site looks good, Jangles. Very clean.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Chur bro. Any time you want to do a guest post here on your thoughts about Reach, just lemmno!