Reach Multiplayer Video Released

 Concept art for Reach Multiplayer by Bungie's Jaime Jones

Checkout the new Halo Reach Promo Vid for the Multiplayer component of the game. This is big news people! Make sure you watch in HD if you can, the quality is astounding. Bungie's vision is dynamite. It looks beautiful and totally has that wow factor. As Louis Wu stated, this is Combat Redefined

So what’s in the detail of the new Halo: Reach Multiplayer trailer? Here’s some paraphrasing from the HBO forum.
  • There’s jetpacks! Active camouflage, and sprint abilities.
  • Your radar appears to indicate the name of the area you're in.
  • There’s shots of Spartan’s punching each other (as opposed to the old melee move to the front of the player?)
  • Covenant grenade launcher weapon of some kind as a foil to the Human grenade launcher. Also there is some some kind of Covenant equivalent weapon of the Spartan Laser.
  • "Revenge" come up as a player headshots the enemy - a new medal if you get back someone who got you first?
There was also a tank. As we know, tanks beat everything so I call dibs on them!


I’m know I’m late to the party, I’ve been in another country…


Seenoht said...

MP looks sweet! I am definitely more excited for campaign, but damn. This just looks so chaotic and fun.

And Bungie is not done with the surprises yet, I'm sure.

Jetpacks FTW!

Anonymous said...

Bungie didnt do this game GOD did it