Are we ever going to see a live-action Halo movie?

Are we ever going to see a live-action Halo film?

That was the question put to Frank O’Conner by IGN.

In short, Halo fans are going to have to keep watching District 9 reruns for a long time.

Frankie: "It's important to say that the partners that we were connected with before were great – they were awesome to work with; I talk to those guys almost daily – and you can go read the details about studios grappling with each other," said O'Connor. "I do work every week connected to when a movie, or if a movie, is eventually made, are we ready to go? And the answer is very much so, yes. But we can afford to bide our time and wait for the exact perfect time and the exact perfect partner."

Exact perfect partner? They had him! His name was Peter ‘Look at all my Oscars and we made those films in New Zealand!’ Jackson.

"One of the most depressing things as a fanboy is the example of Dune. Peter Berg was going to remake that film. I love the original, so I'll just keep consuming it, but I thought, 'Okay, maybe Berg could do this.' So either he pulls out or they don't accept his script or they don't like the direction.

Whatever. I don't know.

I'm not a Hollywood gossip. And then it goes away. All big films do this. Look at Avatar. It's heading for the biggest grossing film of all time and it was mired in production hell. Ours was heavens compared to what they've gone through. You have a guy like James Cameron who just sits there, tenaciously saying, 'I'm going to make this and I'm going to make it right,' or he moves on to the next one.





But if they made Halo like that, fanboys would have a big bonfire outside Bill Gates house, setting red bricked 360’s alight with copies of Combat Evolved.

At least Frankie recognised this:

"And we're Microsoft," said O'Connor. "We're muscular. We can afford, much like James Cameron, to sit here and wait for the best opportunity…And by the way, can you print, right after I said that, I do not think that Halo is going to be the next Avatar? Cuz I will be dragged through the streets, bleeding, unless I caveat that!"

Check out this post I wrote a while back about why the Halo movie didn’t get made.


David said...

I've pretty much given up hope on some 'official' movie. However, I am interested in Operation Chastity ( I don't remember if I saw the link floating around here, but I remember finding it through this site.

other David w/ different last name said...

I stopped thinking about an official halo movie a long time ago. Halo Legends sucked. I hate Japan. Not Japanese people, just japan and their culture.they ruined everything i held dear.