Why I have changed by mind on the indoctrination theory

 Reaper attacks Earth mass effect 3
Oh there's Sheppard, he's indoctrinated, only only pretend to try and kill him!

SOOOOOO I know I've been going on about the Mass Effect 3 ending like a broken record. I was looking at some youtube videos and I spied a video by Angry Joe which finally convinced me about that there REALLY was something about the indoctrination theory being a quite plausible concept.

Perhaps I'd already read enough in this this google doc, or seen it in a diff video somewhere, I dunno, but it wasn't until Angry Joe's video that three points about the theory really hit home for me as suggesting what we were seeing was the effect of the Reapers on Sheppard (being seen from the POV of his mind) rather than what was presented being reality.

Three things that changed by mind about indoctrination from being just a cool idea contrived by fans desperate for meaning in the mind fuck that was served upo into actually being a crucial theme of the game's ending :

The gunshot Sheppard appears to have as he / she sits down by Anderson

When did Sheppard get shot in the lower left stomach? At no time is when. That lone marauder that pops out just before you enter the Conduit - he shot Sheppard in the upper right shoulder. 

So who did get shot? During the confrontation with the Illusive Man and Anderson, you'll recall the Illusive Man appeared to make Sheppard shoot Anderson. The internets suggests this was merely a symbolic action in Sheppard's mind that Anderson who is the embodiment of 'good' is perhaps about to crumble in the face of The Illusive Man's "Evil = Reapers' representation.

What does this mean? It's evidence of the indoctrination theory in action.

The trees as he lays on the ground 

Just before Sheppard enters the conduit, have a look around - the trees from his nightmares where he chases the Child are behind him, seemingly growing out of the concrete. There were no trees on the final charge to the conduit.

Edit - turns out there were trees in place before the final charge. Watch this video.

The ' Sheppard takes a breath' cut scene. 

If you manage to max our your war assets and be an otherwise angel across the campaign and choose the Destruction Ending then right at the end after the explosion of the Citidel, the Crucible and the Relays - Sheppard is found to take a breath - seemingly on the ground, on Earth where he / she fell after Harbinger slayed everyone with his laser beam.

If Sheppard had been on the Citadel / Crucible when it blew up, he or she would be dead. But no, the cut scene proves other wise. Sheppard is alive on Earth. So they cannot have been on the Crucible with the Child.

If none of this is true and is not intended to represent what we think it does, then it's just bad writing from the Mass Effect writers, and myself and a million or so gamers will be like "FUCK THAT SHIT BIOWARE"

And why would this be? Because if it is true, by enabling the destruction of the Mass Effect Relays, which in turn kill EVERYTHING in their systems, Sheppard has comitted a Genocide far greater than that already wreaked by the Reapers (remember the Reapers had not got to every planet in the Galaxy yet....nor finished the job on the planets they had attacked).

Which is dick move that a hero like Sheppard would never do.

So, we must now all wait for what might be revealed in the ME3 DLC.....

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