8 questions I want answered by the ME3 DLC

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The announcement of the Mass Effect DLC is sure to be soon and like every gaming fan out there, I’ve said my two cents on the game’s ending. Here’s what I would like to see in the DLC.

Number One: I want an explanation as to why everyone has to die to stop synthetics taking over the world by using synthetics to kill everything. The Reaper Child states that without his intervention, synthetics would destroy all organic life. For him to be so absolutely assured and certain of this theory, it must have happened at some point in the history of the galaxy. Other wise he's merely speculating. Indeed, it's a rather disingenuous claim because if  "all" organic life was extinguished at any point in time, the current crop organic life would not exist. 

Two: I want to know how the fuck Garrus got back on the Normandy when he was with me on the final charge and should be dead.

Three:  What was that cool planet the Normandy landed on and why did they know to outrun the Mass Effect explosion?

Four: How did the Reapers know to use the invisible child with the image of the child that had begun to haunt Sheppard’s dreams after he witnessed him die? Was it mind reading and if so, how does that play into the so called Indoctrination Theory?

Five:  Yes let’s get to it, the Indoctrination Theory. Real or just a bloody good idea by fans to cover up the nebulus ending (having played the game again and noticing lots of references that I ascribe to the ending of the game, I don’t think the theory was intended).

Six: This is not really for DLC but I would like the producers to explain why they saw it fit to determine that the final ending of the game bore no causal relationship to the machinations Sheppard went through to get to that point. Don't get me wrong though, I loved the whole ending of the game (basically from when you get to Earth, I count as the ending).

Seven: Did the game really end with the possible starvation of many of the races that came to Earth's aid?

Come on Casey Hudson, please pony us up some answers!

Eight: When is the next game going to announced, I'm in. 

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