Klencory: This is not the ending you were looking for

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I lied. Here's another post on the Mass Effect ending.

One fan asked the question a few years ago.... about the Klencory planet found in the original ME game which has the following data

"Klencory is famously claimed by the eccentric volus billionaire Kumun Shol. He claims that a vision of a higher being told him to seek on Klencory the "lost crypts of beings of light." These entities were supposedly created at the dawn of time to protect organic life from synthetic "machine devils.""

Shol has been excavating on Klencory's toxic surface for two decades, at great expense. No government has valued the world enough to evict his small army of mercenaries.

Klencory can also be a destination for the Normandy in Mass Effect 3, at which point its entry has been updated to read:

Klencory is famously claimed by the eccentric volus billionaire Kumun Shol. His once-ridiculed visions of "beings of light" protecting organic life from synthetic "machine devils" don't seem quite so far-fetched now. His private army of mercenaries are well-established on the planet, waiting for husks to come knocking in on their door. In all likelihood, they will be obliterated by the molten metal of a Reaper orbital bombardment, on its way to somewhere important.

So because of this planet Codex sounding similarly similar to the actual Mass Effect ending people are saying  "Woah! This was the planned ending all along!"

This is probably red herring as we all know the original ending was supposed to revolve around dark matter...

Interestingly enough in the same link as the Klencory note Screwoffreg 'relayed' his prediction for Mass Effect 3.

"There are two endings I wouldn't like for Mass Effect 3. One being a random GOD LIKE force that saves the Galaxy or another being that to defeat the Reapers, everyone has to become a primitivist and destroy the Relays, Citadel, etc. Both would make me pretty unhappy as those endings have been done to death."

Touche dude.

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