Wrap of all the Halo 4 news I could find

halo 4 master chief promo image

Wrap of all the Halo 4 news I could find over the past wee while. You'll have to tide yourselves over with this until E3 where Frankie and 343 will surely life the proverbial Kimono a little higher. Let's hope Frankie shaves his legs this time....

What's in the Halo 4 Limited Edition? Stuff and extras is what

Halo's Railgun details revealed I'm kind of excited about this new weapon

Watch them Crawl in Halo 4 - new aliens to best in H4

Halo 4's box cover art - here's what you get on game day

Halo 4 has a live action promo coming - colour me very very excited

Lots of Halo 4 Guns - Neo had it right 

Halo: Five Trilogy by Karen Traviss (not exactly Halo 4 but still good intel)

What does Massive Attack have to do with Halo 4? If you've been under a rock, this is the guy who has been charged with composing the music for Halo. 

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