Comic Con 2011 Cos Play Round Up 2

Power Girl makes time stand still
So here's round two of Gears of Halo's pictures of cosplayers at Comic Con 2011.

After the riots of Day One, the event organisers got some Cylon Toasters to calm down the fan boys.

They were particularly excited about the ample assets of Power Girl who appeared to make time stand still....

Other great cosplay photos were taken of Boba Phat and his Princess Leia squadron, Lady Gaga after being bitten by a Zombie, a sad face Dalek and a very hungry venom....

Pink Princess and a few friends
Security at Comic Con was positively robot like.
A scheming Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy patiently wait to enter Comic Con 2011
sexy captain america girl cosplay
You can call her Mrs Captain America
Did Lady Gaga get bitten by a Zombie?
Venom gets ready to eat a happy Comic Con attendee...
Some Fun Guys (or gals)
princess leia cosplay trio
We're going to get pulverized if we stay out here much longer. Princess Leia is a hugely popular costume choice.
Boba Phat and his legion of Leias.
and you can be my cow girl
This is Anya
duke nukem cosplay
Let God sort 'em out
This Dr Who Dalek forgot to charge up over night

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