Comic Con 2011 Cos Play San Diego

Sexy Captain America with Bat Girl friend
Here's some costume play photos from San Diego's Comic Con 2011. A great variety on show so far - the Borg turned up and the Ghostbusters came to take them on. A very sexy Captain America turned up only to be upstaged by a giant blue Smurf balloon - you could say Comic Con is Kick Ass! 

Resistance to Comic Con is futile!

God Bless the USA - Cheer Leaders for Captain America who may have made an appearance
Harley Quinn about to shoot you between the eyes
Who doesn't love Power Rangers cosplay?
The Force is strong with these Star Wars pilots 
Captain America 
Did any one call for a Ghost Buster at Comic Con?
Smurf promotion for the up coming movie 
Some Kick Ass Cos Play 

Super cosplay 
Images sourced from the Denver Post

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