Every ME3 ending has a silver lining

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There is a silver lining to the fiasco ending of the Mass Effect 3 game.

All game producers will now be making damned sure their games have awesome endings, or at least one's that make sense.

You can just imagine that every major video game that's nearing completion will have 'test screenings' that they do for 'fans' (but not the zealot fans I hope) so they can avoid making mistakes. I guess the difficulty for that is production cycles and the like. It's not like it's very easy to 'tack on' a new ending. Well... Bioware might think so.....

There is now a risk that the hero will win everytime as that appears to be what the people want. I'm happy to let those people eat cake sometimes though. While it's a crazy ending, I loved how ME3 went for something bold and utterly original.

I trust that Frankie and co have the Halo 4 ending well in hand - given Halo 4 will be the first in a trilogy, the ending of that game wont be as important to fans as the ME3 ending.

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