Saturday, September 10

Does Adam Fenix die in Gears 3?

Here's an interesting snippet from an interview with Gears of War 3's Clif Blezsinski which talks of the game's ending - is Cliff telegraphing that Adam Fenix dies at the end of Gears? This is of course my own speculation...

"CB: Absolutely. Personally, when the project really started, I was 29 and 30 and going through a split, as far as my first marriage. If you're ever going through a rough time in your life and you're a creative person, the best thing you can do is pour that into your work. You hear about artists who are going through a tough time and it's cathartic; it's therapy for them. And some of the things that came out of Gears 1 were the result of that. Coming full circle to the end of Gears 3, let's just say the ending is very personal for me. I don't want to spoil a lot of it, but in regards to what happens--and the final shot--it's not only personal to me, but also Rod Fergusson and Lee Perry, who also lost their dads at a young age. My advice to developers often is make your products personal. Take things from real life, names of friends, locations you've gone to, and do that. That's what makes it not feel like a manufactured product; it makes it feel real and tangible."

Or maybe Marcus and Adam hug it out and walk off into the sunset......

Update: As suspected, Adam Fenix dies in a most noble fashion.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Adam does die. :)