What could Gears of War 4 offer gamers?

What could Gears of War 4 offer gamers?

Now that Gears of War 3 has been there and done that, polished to perfection and served with a tasty dose of "Bring It!" gamers around the planet could be forgiven for wondering what's next for the Gears of War universe - especially for those who do not intend to give GOW's multiplayer aspects much love.

So is Gears 4 on the cards? Keen readers may recall the whisperings about Gears of War: Exile. Supposedly an Xbox Kinnect based game, it was seemingly yanked from being announced just prior to that supposed announcement. Let's assume that this rumoured game has been canned and ask ourselves what could a new Gears of War game offer players?

There's been three Gears games now, we can't have more of the same 'bromance' story - Gears 3 was a great round off to the the trilogy (and was always intended as such) - Halo 4 is rumored to be changing things up a bit, and any fourth Game would need to do the same. This could be done by a couple of means - and the main way is dare I say it, involves going the Halo route and pulling a Halo: Reach on the Gears Universe.

Simply speaking, Gears of War 4 should be called Gears of War: Emergence Day. 

Exploring the day that the Locust Horde emerged from the earth of Sera to wreak havoc on the GOG government and the people of Sera would be a prime story telling event. Just as Halo: Reach was the story of the beginning of the end for a Planet, I think plenty of gamers would be interested in exploring this side of the Gears mythology.

The plot could explore the the long conflict that was the Pendulum Wars and feature Emergence Day as the main plot driver - it could feature an entirely new cast and crew as they react to the Locust Horde. that said, perhaps the plot could tell about some of Adam Fenix's early days - it's arguable however if that would be an interesting tale game play wise.

As I said above, we can't have another 'bromance' type story a la Marcus and Dom.

Game Play

The original Gears almost managed to kill off the run and gun genre - it's tactical cover based system of game play was a major hit - though not a original idea and a tad glitchy, GOW was the first really popular game to hone the concept to make it a fundamental part of the game play experience.

Now that it's been done and dusted, the game designers will have to go to a higher level and INNOVATE. Yep, you can't pull innovation out of your ass but Gears 4 will have to beyond what it has now - gosh knows what it could be but it needs to be more than new guns, multiplayer maps and other chicanery. Halo: Reach had this problem too - it's no easy task to re-invent yourself - jet packs aside ;)

Maybe that's where Gears of War: Exile comes in by having Xbox Kinect being fully integrated into a Gears game. A game that finally captures the potential of Kinnect would be truly innovative because lets face it - the Kinect games out there suck.

So dear reader, what are you thoughts? What plot elements would you like to see in Gears 4? What about guns and other tools etc? What new innovation do you think is needed? Interesting comments or questions beloooowwwwww.

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