Sydney Armageddon Cosplay Photos 2011

Dead Pool
Sydney Armageddon Cosplay Photos 2011

The Comic Conventions Continue - this time here's some pictures from the Sydney Leg of the Armageddon Expo for 2011. Today's line up features Dead Pool, Poison Ivy, the Predator and some pretty sweet Ninja Turtles. The beauty of this event is that it shows it's not just the Americans and Japanese love cos play, it's a legitimate form of entertain all around the world.!

First up though is a picture of the coolest car ever seen on the idiot box, no not Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, K.I.T., Micheal Knight's ever loyal side kick! While it's not strictly a cos play picture, I think it's cool enough to grace the page!


These boys are so ganster, yo.

Saints Row: Purple is the new black?

Red Headed Poison Ivy

Blue Witch? Any one know what this is? Other than awesome?
Death: Alive and Well

Slicing and Dicing

An original Star Wars kid!

Sexy Sisters

The ever popular Green Power Ranger
Predator: Want some Candy? 

Sexiest Air Hostess ever?

Snow White and her sisters.....

Turtle Power! TMNT
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1 comment:

Dave said...

The "Slicing and Dicing" girl is Maka Albarn from the Soul Eater manga. Everything is ok with her, except for the cat ears...