Saturday, June 5

Halo Reach heads to Zero Bugs Release

Is your tool of destruction a bug?

Halo Reach heads to Zero Bugs Release

The Bungie update was done by Sketch this week and he talks about ZBR, Zero Bugs Release:
"The studio is literally buzzing around the clock these days with people going to great lengths to push Reach from being a great game to a freaking awesome Bungie game. If you follow Marcus and Joe’s periodic updates over at Noble Actual then you already know we’ve crushed a few big milestones lately and the project is moving into the final stretch. But what does it all mean? Where exactly is Reach development RIGHT NOW? I went direct to Joe Tung for the answer:
What stage of development are we in right now?

We are closing. There are 18 days 14 hours and 30 seconds left before ZBR*, after which we enter a phase of testing and stabilization where changes are minimal. Most everyone on the project is focused on one thing: crushing their bug counts to zero. A lot of the final polish - the stuff that can only get done once the vast majority of the game stable – is coming online, and it is glorious. Hallways that already looked beautiful before now have smoke and debris falling from the ceilings, missions that were already fun are getting lots of design polish, troopers who have been previously mute or overly verbose are now saying the right things at the right time.
*ZBR is old school software development vernacular that literally stands for “Zero Bug Release.” In reality it’s a bit of a misnomer as bugs are still being fixed but it’s come to represent the pivotal milestone where the game gets clamped down and the bar for making changes is significantly raised to only those that are deemed “Pri1Sev1” and have major negative impacts to the game."
I say, Bring it!!!

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