Top Ten Things I don’t Want to See or Hear in Reach

To celebrate the 201st post on Halo Reach Game News, here's what I don't want to hear or see in Reach.

Top Ten Things I don’t Want to See or Hear in Reach

• A Brute peeing in a corridor - I’m 32, not 12 Bungie.

• Soldiers with Australian accents – why not some Kiwi?!

• Poorly drawn faces on major characters.

• Complaints about the Sniper rifle being slowed down - it’s called balance people!

• An ambiguous ending – Halo 2 cliff-hanger ending any one?

• A legendary ending cut scene that is also ambiguous - none of this, is that a Forerunner planet? Why is the Marathon logo there? Crap. To paraphrase Tom Cruise, I want answers!

• Unrealistic Gamer Achievement Points. I’m fearing a GOW2 'Seriously?' quest to kill a 7 gabillion corny keg grunts. Or at least achievements that require 4 people with Iron skull on. Fuck that Bungie, fuck that.

• References to other games, culture nods or whatever. Keep it in the Universe! (Easter eggs allowed of course!)

• “We fell in love playing Reach multiplayer and he proposed during a game!” style stories. Dammit Dude, focus on the game, not the player!

• Last but not least, I don’t ever want to hear a 13 year whine “You stole my kill!”

Whaddaya reckon cobber? Wann-another shrimp off the barbie? Did ya see the League last night? Flip!

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