Indian Ocean, PRESENT DAY

So the new Reach Developer Blog through out an intriuging one line post today:

"Luke Smith says, “Indian Ocean, PRESENT DAY.” I think he thinks it’s some sort of clue."

Kinda interesting eh? Care to venture a wild piece of speculation? Coudl it be a reference to all the Reach goodness released today or could it be reference to a new piece Bungie IP?

The guys at NEOGAF are on to it bloody fast:

You can be my wing man anytime?

A most interesting line given all the halo goodness released today... Power house Map / Beta date / Wallpaper / and the Box Art....

Update on Lukem's clue:

You may recall the previous Indian Ocean. Present Day clue from a while back. Turns out it was pretty lame (the clue, not the thing being referred to)

"Luke’s not so subtle tease from earlier in the year makes a little more sense now, eh? The internal analogy for the Arena comes from 
Top Gun and, more specifically, from the “Greenie Board” employed by Naval pilots. In the real world, no matter your military rank, the only thing that matters on the Greenie Board is the execution of each individual landing. In the case of Arena, that’s your individual play.

And if you're already in a party and just want to check people out, the Player Details display right there in the lobby now. Less navigating sub-screens. All of the customized Spartan and Elite models look hot on display, too."

The update was part of the news on Reach's Active Roster


Seenoht said...

Great find on Neogaf.

I always forget about them.

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