Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut leak is not a leak!!

Will the DLC fix this mess?
I can't help but notice the immense reporting of the so called leak for the ME3 new DLC -  the DLC that is supposed to resolve all the issues with the ending of the game.

Here's what some dude posted on Reddit:

“Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut: An expanded ending for Mass Effect 3. Additional scenes and an extended epilogue reveal the impact of Shepard’s choices on the future of the galaxy.”

How the frack is that a leak? It's a description of something we knew was coming already. Can all you gaming sites stop calling it a leak or go and read a fracking dictionary?

Now, if the Reddit poster had of said something like, the DLC confirms it was all just a dream in Sheppard's mind, that would have been a leak. 

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